Wednesday, January 8, 2020

One week in......

6:49 am - Wednesday - January 8th - Ramona, CA - 29° F, 85% humidity, wind - CALM.....very cold this's forecast high is 60° F.....a full 15° than Tuesday.

It is rare to find all four of our company golf carts together in one place, but it happened yesterday morning, so I just had to snap a picture......

.....after taking care of the Red Barn, and pool duties I headed down to the pond to remove a holly bush that was blocking the view of the pond from bench #1.  I'm not sure why, but I had not really sat down on the bench to see the view until Monday afternoon, and quickly realized there was no view because of the holly bush, which could not have been there when the bench was installed, otherwise, what is the point, right? the time I finished cutting the 6' bush down, and hauled the debris to the big roll away in the storage yard it was going on 11 am and time for me to reinstall the planks for bench #3..... the time I had the planks refitted, and the bolts installed it was just before noon......

Bench #3 is back together

The final dam bench is now deconstructed

......I headed back to the maintenance building to finish the task of scraping the rest of the old paint off the planks for bench #4.  The time just melted away and suddenly it was approaching 1 pm.....way past time for lunch!  Since TLE works from 11 am to 5 pm on Tuesdays I headed home to have lunch by myself, and then returned to spend the rest of the afternoon on the planks for bench #4.  I finished scraping, then sanding them just before 4 pm, and was home taking a shower within 10 minutes.

And thus ends another day of work at RORVR, and time continues its rapid march onward.  We now find ourselves at the threshold of the second week of 2020, and one day soon we will awake to find it is March 27th, and time to roll our wheels to our next adventure.

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