Thursday, January 16, 2020

The resurrection of #9.....

6:43 am - Thursday - January 16th - Ramona, CA - 29° F, 100% humidity, wind - CALM......cold this morning!  Forecast high today is 59° F with a chance of rain this evening.

For the first time in a long time TLE and I worked together for part of the day.  After using RORVR's Ford F-150 to haul the large roll of artificial turf, and other tools up to the mini golf course I spent most of the morning fitting a piece of turf to the mound (Mt. Lorenzo) in the middle of the 9th green at the mini golf course.  There are quite a few angles on that mound, so I started with a scrap piece of turf I found in the maintenance building with which to experiment.  My goal was to use just one piece to cover the mound with as few cuts as possible.....

 First effort

......I finished with my experiment around 11:30, and was pretty happy with the result.  About that time I had a call from TLE on the 2-way radio stating she was ready to come help me, so I dropped what I was doing and headed down to the office to pick her up......

 Lookin' pretty good, right?

.....she took a look at what I had done with the mound piece, and had a few suggestions so I cut another piece off the large roll of artificial turf (see below), and we began anew.  With her help we gradually fitted a single piece to the mound cutting just two 'darts' on the back side to remove the slack created by essentially wrapping the piece around the mound.  Once we were both happy with the result I moved on to cut out a single piece to fit the large area around the hole (see above).  By the time we had that large piece fitted it was almost 3 pm, and time for TLE to head home for the day.  I could not have gotten that mound piece to fit properly without TLE's assistance......thank you honey!

I returned to cut out the final pieces for the rest of the hole.....I had four pieces to cut, and was able to fit them into a small area on what remains of the roll of turf....

 Ready to cut

The old turf ready for the dumpster

.....I managed to cut out the remaining four pieces and lay them out by 3:55 pm.  By the time I put everything away, and returned to put 4 orange cones on the course to warn away people from trying to use the hole it was after 4 pm, and time to head for the barn.  The next step will be to glue down all the pieces on Thursday.  After spending the better part of the day on hands and knees I felt like I had been in a car wreck, but a little Tylenol, and a long hot shower restored my equilibrium.

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