Sunday, May 15, 2016

Catorce de Mayo, aka: the 14th of May

If you have good weather they will come, and coming they are!  One of the reports I use to do my site checks is called "Who's In The Park".....the first two weeks it was 1/2 page long.....Saturday it was one and a half pages long.  With more customers the office/store becomes much busier with people buying necessities, checking in, checking out, making reservations, etc.  

Saturday was also the first time I have done my full routine of making 3 complete rounds of the campground checking on departures, and verifying who is in the park.  In between all that I burned a pile of cardboard, rescued one of our portable fireplaces that had been partially buried in one of the tent sites by (I'm sure) a well meaning camper, pumped some propane, cleaned some partially burned wood out of several campsites, and fixed another fence that was sagging.....the campground is beginning to look ready for the summer onslaught. 

Since it was raining here on Cinco de Mayo we did not have the employee BBQ we had planned, so Saturday evening we celebrated 'Catorce de Mayo', which required a little preparation so I helped move a couple of BBQ's out to Group A where there are tables, and a big fire ring, and then collected, cut and split some wood for our fire.

 The tent is up!

As temperatures dipped into the upper 50's the employees began to gather at our Group 'A' campground around 6 pm including spouses and significant others and we had a grand time playing games, and grilling up a lot of food......bacon wrapped, cream filled jalapenos, a pork roast, potatoes, hamburgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, etc.  Everyone brought a bottle, or two of their favorite beverage (adult, or otherwise) and a good time was had by all....

 Group 'A'

 Look at all that wood I cut and split!

 Table full of food

....we capped off the evening roasting marshmellows and listening to Pink Floyd as the campground settled into darkness once again.

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