Monday, May 23, 2016


Once again it is 27 degrees as I sit here writing about Sunday......well below freezing.....on a positive note our water hose did not freeze overnight, and it has not frozen once since we arrived April 30th, but our neighbors, John and Deb, have had their hose freeze twice.  The high Sunday was was a cloudless, windless, sunny day, however, if you were not standing in the sun you were reaching for your jacket, watchcap, and gloves, which was my attire for most of my 6 hour shift.

I finished my first round of the park around 9:30 am and was on my way back to Section G to do some more raking.  As I drove by site 101 (they had arrive after hours Saturday and were not on my computer print out) I noticed the tenants were outside at their picnic table so I stopped to ask if they had gone to the office to register yet.....the answer was yes.  As it turned out they are from Australia (in their late 60's) on a multi month RV trip.  We ended up talking for about 30 minutes about their travel plans, things to see on their way to British Columbia, etc.  Their travel style is much like ours.....they make no reservations, and other than their ultimate destination (Prince Rupert Island) they are making up their route north one day at a time......Bob and June are delightful people, and one of the reasons I love my job as Ranger.

From there I went over to site 132 to pick up where I left off Saturday and continue raking sites.....these sites are all pull through sites, and quite long so take a considerable amount of time to rake.  When I finally worked my way to the end of the row to site 127 I went to empty my trash bucket before continuing.  The dumpsters I was heading to are right next to our dump station.  If you are not a guest of the park we charge you $10 to use our dump station.  We get a lot of folks coming from Fallen Leaf Lake which has no dump station.  As I approached the dumpsters I noted a trailer parked at the dump looked brand new.  I heard someone call out to me so I turned to see a man standing by the rear of the trailer waving me over.  Apparently this was a brand new trailer, and this was their maiden voyage.......they had never dumped their tanks before, and needed a little instruction, so I stopped to help them.....strictly hands off....why deny them all the 'fun', right?  They were ery grateful for the brief tutorial I gave them.......once again, another reason why I love my job!

After raking a couple more sites I took my 30 minute lunch break returning for my last 90 minutes about 12:30.  I made my rounds, ran a few errands for the office staff and was off work a little after 2 pm.  I spent the rest of the afternoon puttering around our site straightening things up after our recent storms, and then watched some PGA golf.  At 5 we turned on the NBA playoff game between the Warriors and Thunder in which the Thunder wiped out the one time leading by over 40 points in the 3rd quarter.....they ultimately prevailed 133-105.

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