Thursday, May 19, 2016

'Outwit, Outplay & Outlast'

As I mentioned yesterday my 30 hour work week would end at noon on Wednesday (our Friday) as I was about 1.5 hours ahead of my 6 hours per day.  Beginning May 26th (the beginning of our next pay period) we will go to 40 hours per week the rest of the summer.  At any rate I went through my normal routine first thing in the morning, and once I had finished my first round of the day I went back to the maintenance yard to assemble a couple more picnic tables so Gordy would have room to paint the next batch of wood.  When I was finished with that I got a large rake and drove over to Section G to the 4 park model cabins to begin raking pine needles.  I managed to rake the four cabins sites, and then 4 more RV sites before it was time for me to make my final round of the day before heading for the barn.

Our manager, Robert, was in Capitola for the day at company meetings so he assigned TLE to do some cleaning, and organizing in his office.  The fruit of that labor was passed on to me to transport via golf cart up to the administration building.....once that was finished it was noon, and time to punch the clock.

TLE's 30 hour week ended just about 2:30 and she quickly joined me at home.  Often last summer our practice on Wednesday afternoons (also our Friday last summer) we would walk over to Classic Cue for fish tacos and a pitcher of beer, and about 4:30 we did just that.  A pitcher of Porter and 4 fish tacos costs just over $20......I think the fish tacos are even better than last summer.....if that is  even possible.  As we sat sipping our Porter brews we talked about what has been accomplished the past three weeks and what still needs to be done in the next 9 days when the Memorial Day weekend descends upon us in full force.

The walk over and back was delightful.....temps in the 70's.....I wore flip flops, shorts and a t-shirt.....on the walk back we decided we would have our first fire of the summer here at TVC, and to add a little extra atmosphere I pulled out the outdoor TV so we could watch the NBA playoff game between OKC and Golden State.....OKC opened up a can of 'wupass' on OKC beating them by 27 points.  Of course, the best way to watch basketball is muted with XM Radio channel 71 (Siriusly Sinatra) playing in the back ground......  

.....we may not have a chance for another fire for a while.....the forecast calls for temps to drop into the low 60's Thursday, and then down to 31 on Friday with a chance of snow!  As usual May continues to be a mixed bag weatherwise.....I guess I'll have to pull my snow boots back out again.....sigh.....

One thing I forgot to mention is after TLE came home from work we got to work modifying our sunshade.  I had ordered some adjustable tent poles from Amazon and they had arrived the day prior.  Now we can open up the patio area when we wish making it easy to watch TV from the fire area, and to use the picnic table when we wish.....I think it turned out pretty well......

....we retired inside just after 8 pm to watch the 3 hour 'Survivor' finale which was ultimately won by Michelle who won the $1 million dollar winner take all prize this year....she definitely "Outwitted, Outplayed, and Outlasted" her competition this year.

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