Thursday, May 26, 2016


(I am attempting to recreate this post about Monday, May 23rd as it somehow mysteriously disappeared from my site.....this is not a new post, but an attempted recreation)

It occurred to me that some may not know what I am talking about when I write about raking pine needles in such a way as to define that site, and create visual borders for our customers.  Most sites here at TVC have obvious boundaries, but many do not, and it is those sites where we have to spend time on a regular basis explaining to customers where their sites begin and end.  Below are pictures of sites before they are raked........and after they are raked......



.....after finishing my first site check round I headed back to Section G to continue raking sites, and did so until about 10 am when I set out to do my second round of the park.....normally I would have done this closer to 11 am, but about 13 of us staff members were scheduled to drive over to Lotus, CA to another Thousand Trails park (Ponderosa) to attend a seminar put on by our employer (Equity Life Styles, Inc.) on customer service.  When TLE and I retired 4 years ago we both thought we had retired from company seminars......sigh.

We left around 11 am from TVC for the 70 mile drive, which due to the mountainous terrain between here and Lotus (a few miles northwest of Placerville) took about 90 minutes.  We arrived safely at Ponderosa about 12:30.....just in time for the pre-seminar buffet lunch provided by our employer.  The seminar began around 1 pm and lasted until just after 4:30......

 The gang
Our presenter, Mary, in the background

.....for the most part we learned that we are, in fact, already doing most, if not all of the things our Presenter, Mary, was doing her best to convey to us.  Don't get me wrong, Mary did a wonderful job, but to me this just seemed redundant.

We left for our drive home about 4:50, and were back at TVC a little after 6 began to rain quite hard on the way back, but we ended up facing much less traffic on the return trip.  By the time we arrived back at TVC it had stopped raining, and the sun was showing herself once again.

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