Friday, May 13, 2016

Junking in SLT!

When we are in SLT we love to visit the local thrift shops, and Thursday being a day off from work we decided to make a day of hitting all our favorite ones.  By favorite ones I mean ones we usually find something we can't live without, and that (in most cases) we actually need.  We started out driving up Emerald Bay Road to Tahoe Merchant located at 800 Emerald Bay Road where I found some tin snips and a level.....$9......

Level and tin ships from Tahoe Merchant at 800 Emerald Bay Rd., plus hand pruners and 25' tape measure from Lucky Dawg Thrift Store at 3097 Harrison

......from there we drove 1/2 block back south where we stopped at our favorite local coffee shop....ApinA Cafe for a cup 'o joe......Yelp gives them 4.5 stars on 90+ reviews and we whole heartedly agree.

....then another 1/2 block back to Connie's Clothesline where TLE found a TV tray for which she had been searching for a couple of years......

Nice folding wooden TV tray

......we then drove all the way over to Stateline to our favorite local discount liquor store....Dart Liquor where I stocked up on some great craft brews for the Norcold refer was getting a little bare......on the way back to TVC we stopped off at another of our favorite thrift shops......Bargains Galore where TLE found me another flannel long sleeved shirt, which I adore.......and then on to Lucky Dawg Thrift Store where I picked up the tape measure and hand pruners (see picture above).....

Field & Stream flannel shirt from Bargain's Galore Thrift Store at 981 Tallac Ave.

.....we've been driving by this cool burger place for three years now called Izzy's Burger Spa, which gets great reviews on Yelp, but we have never stopped.  We decided Thursday was the day, and it was after 1:30.....I had the Bacon Cheddar Burger and TLE had the Mushroom Burger....we shared a large order of their fresh fries..........Yelp gives them 4 stars on 234 reviews, and we would do the same!

Chillin' at Izzy's Burger Spa

We were back 'home' by 3 pm enjoying the new treasures we had found, and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing.  We did visit several other thrift stores (Tahoe Treasures, Lakeview Thrift), but didn't find anything we could not live without....besides, there is only so much room, right?

On a side note.......over the past 12 days as I have been cleaning sites in Section G & F I have found quite a bit of pocket change....about $1.95....I'm sure I've missed more than that, but it's always cool to find money.....

Thanks for stopping by!

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