Thursday, May 26, 2016


The time is growing short before the first big weekend of the season, Memorial Day, unfolds here at TVC....we have much to do, and everyone working Wednesday hit the deck running.  Our priorities are to get the bathroom portions of Section A & E open......the showers are not yet finished, but at least our customers will be able to use the toilets and sinks.  The contractor thinks he may have the tile work done in the Section E restroom, but we are not counting on it.  Additionally, here is a short list of what must/needs to be done by no particular order:

1 - Replace water heaters in the Group restroom, Section A, and Section E
2 - Replace the missing swings on the swing set (new seats ordered....will be here by Friday)
3 - Install the tennis court net
4 - Finish raking all the sites
5 - Remove all the dead trees that have been cut down by our tree guy....we're going to use many of them to aid in the definition of some of our more complicated sites
6 - Get the new air compressor installed
7 - Install new 8 volt batteries in one of the Yamaha golf carts
8 - Get the swimming pool open (contractors are fixing a couple of leaks)

There are probably a few things I am forgetting, but you get the idea.....there are several things we have no control over such as the contractors getting their jobs done on time.

I spent my 6.5 hour shift dragging small trees from various places in the park where they had been cut to the sites that need more definition, removing six 8 volt batteries from one of our Yamaha golf carts (I wrote about this one previously) so we could install the new ones when they arrive from Reno, NV Thursday, helping put up the tennis court net, hauling more broken concrete from the pool area, and ordering the aforementioned swing set seats from Amazon.

I was off work by 2:30, and TLE stayed on until after 4 helping Robert get payroll submitted.  I thought we were done with the rain, but about 8 it began to rain again, and continued on and off until after midnight.  On a positive note the sun is out and drying things out as I write this morning (Thursday).

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