Sunday, May 22, 2016

Summer breezes......NOT!

As I sit here pondering what to write about Saturday I see that just as I checked the outside temperature on my phone the temperature dropped from 27 degrees to 26 degrees......this does not feel like summer!  We've got 4 electric heaters rocking right now.....thank goodness for electric heaters!

Saturday was the coldest day beginning to end we have had since we arrived April 30th.....the daytime temp never got out of the 30's, and I remained bundled up for my entire shift.  Ironically, we had rented out our large tent for a wedding and reception Saturday.....not exactly a day for strapless bridesmaid dresses, huh?

I spent my morning doing my rounds....there are a lot more people in the park.....helping Adam (maintenance manager) troubleshoot an electric problem in in one of our park model cabins....every time the electric water heater would try to come on all the other electric would go off.....we never figured out what was wrong so we ended up moving them to an empty cabin.  We'll have to bring in our offsite electrician to find and fix the problem....we think the water heater is going bad and drawing to many amps.

I later fixed another fence that was sagging, picked up some trash, hauled some more cardboard boxes down to the maintenance yard to be incinerated, and since the pile had grown so large I decided it would be a perfect day to burn the pile.....a nice way to spend part of my afternoon.......

....this was the first time I felt warm all day long!  From there I went to talk with a couple of campers who still had outstanding amounts on their bill......why I don't know, because we are supposed to collect the balance do when checking people in, so somehow these guys slipped through the cracks.  At any rate they were gracious about our error and took care of paying their balances.

Soon 2 pm came and my 6 hour work day was complete so I clocked out and headed for the Newell.....TLE was about 30 minutes behind me.  I had gotten my new Hayes hydraulic brakes for my Cannondale Bad Boy.....I know, only the rear one had gone bad, but I got a deal on a used front and rear pair through an eBay seller, so I bought them both.....I'll save the front brake for a rainy day.  It took about 20 minutes to remove the old brake, and install the new one.

When I exited the trailer it was snowing once again, and it snowed for about 20 minutes, but the snow never stuck.  I spent the rest of the afternoon reading, and napping....I need to go to bed earlier.....I've been going to bed about 10:30 and getting up at 7:30 am, but 7 hours of sleep is not cutting it.....even with an occasional nap....I think I'll go to bed at 9:30 and see if that works better.

Time to have breakfast, get dressed and head out into the 'icebox' for another 6 hour shift.....thanks for stopping by!

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