Friday, May 6, 2016

Deep cleaning.....

We went to work Thursday morning expecting rain at any time.......after all the weather guessers had put their "100% chance of rain" stamp on the forecast.....I wore jeans for the first time in months, my foul weather boots, rain jacket, etc.  I hoped to get in at least 4 hours of work before clocking out, but was not optimistic.  It seemed like it was going to begin raining several fact the smell of rain was quite strong all morning, but it stayed mostly dry.

I spent most of the morning cleaning sites in Section G.....Section G is the only one of four sections that remains open during the winter, and with only a skeleton staff working all winter there is not much done to pick up trash, and it was evident.  I got the call on my radio to head for our daily 10 am staff meeting.....our meeting lasted just short of one hour.  We were introduced to our new Head Ranger, Miguel, who is retired Army (25 years) where he was an MP, and a body guard for generals.  Ironically, his trailer is in the site right next to ours.  He had attended a meeting the day before put on by Equity Life (owners of Encore and Thousand Trails) which dealt with standardizing Ranger duties at all their sites.  As it turns out TVC has already been following those standardized practices for the past two years, and was used as a model for what they want to do in the!

After the meeting it was back out to clean some more sites in  Section nice side benefit of cleaning sites, and being the Day Ranger is I find a LOT of good firewood left behind by haul Thursday was nothing short of extraordinary.....  

.......and to think we had talked about ordering some firewood delivered like we did a couple of years back!

Around 12:00 I decided to spend some time fixing the fence that borders a defined walking path through part of Section E where we live.....over the winter part of the fence had fallen down.
 The whole left side of the fence in this picture had fallen down for about40 feet

I used 5 of these 6 foot long stakes pounded three feet into the ground and then plumber's tape to fasten the wood pole to the metal stake....came out nicely.

I finished my work repairing the fence about 1 pm so I took my golf cart back to the maintenance yard to plug it in to the charger.....just as I dropped off the cart it began to rain.....great timing!

I had driven the VW to the maintenance yard anticipating the rain, so I drove it back to the office, clocked out at 1:15 pm (giving me 4.5 hours to combine with my 7.5 hours from Wednesday giving me 12 for the last two days, or an average of 6 hours per day, which is what we are authorized to work right now) and picked up TLE to give her a ride of the rare times we clocked out at the same time.

It began to rain in earnest around 8 pm, and rained continuously from then until just a few minutes ago (it's 10 am right now as I write).....looks like we have about a 7 hour window before it begins to rain again.

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