Saturday, May 7, 2016


Hard to believe we have only been at TVC for a much has been going on (in a good way) it seems more like two weeks!  We had our first day off Friday.....from now on our schedule will be Saturday through Wednesday each week, and off Thursday and Friday.  We'll be working 30 hours per week up to Memorial Day then we will probably kick in to 40 hour weeks.  For those who may be interested, we are being paid $10/hour, which is California minimum wage now.......last year we were at $9/hour......personally, I would still take the job at $9/hour, but who is complaining, right?

TLE and I both slept in to after 8 am, which is easy to do right now, because it is soooo quiet!  We had gotten used to the sound of traffic always in the background along with sirens, barking dogs, etc. while we were in SoCal........right now there is none of that.....just blessed quiet.  One of our favorite breakfast places in in SLT is Bert's Cafe (4 stars on Yelp).  Usually we eat there during the summer in the height of the summer season when it is SRO, so we decided to go once when it is not crowded, and there is no wait! The rain which was with us all Thursday night/Friday morning had abated so we opted to walk to Bert's (about 2 blocks) about 11 am, and then on to Raley's to pick up a few grocery items before heading back to TVC.  Breakfast, as always, was wonderful.....they have, I think, one of the best Huevos Rancheros I have ever eaten so, as you might imagine, that is precisely what I ordered.

We were home by 12:30 pm.....TLE settled in to doing some deep cleaning inside the coach, and I worked on resuscitating a couple of abandoned bikes I found in the maintenance yard on behalf of a young couple (Pierce and Wesli) working here this summer to use for local transportation.  Before I knew it 4 hours of 'wrenching' had passed into history, but both bikes were restored to operating condition.  I haven't had many opportunities to work on other people's bikes for about 5 months, so it was a pleasure to spend a sunny afternoon at just such a task.

With the bicycle project complete, and the temperatures dropping in advance of the forecast rain I retired inside about 5:30 after cleaning up the trailer.  There were two NBA playoff games on tap for the evening......the Cleveland Cavaliers at the Atlanta Hawks and the San Antonio Spurs at the Oklahoma City Thunder......Cleveland won to go up 3 games to none over Atlanta, and the Spurs won a close contest by 4 points to go ahead 2 games to 1 in that series.  Both were good games.  We then watched the latest Amazing Race week is the final episode as three teams race to win the $1 million cash prize.

It's back to work on Saturday, and it is forecast to rain all day long, but as I write it is still dry.....we'll see.

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