Sunday, May 29, 2016

Summer begins.....

It has been a long time coming, but finally Saturday I was back in shorts and a t-shirt, albeit accompanied by a hat and light jacket.....the point is NO winter wear! And none too soon.....our park is about 85% full with long weekenders who came to enjoy the great South Lake Tahoe outdoors!  The pool is repaired, open and being heated by a brand new boiler, the restrooms in Section E are open with functioning showers (pictures to follow), and the restrooms in Section A are open, but no showers yet.  We took delivery on new water heaters for all the bathrooms, including the group bathrooms......I think those old water heaters were over 20 years old......all the dead, dangerous trees have been cut down and essence we are getting stuff done here at TVC!

The last time I did my site check rounds on Wednesday we had about 40 RV's in the campground......on our days off (Thursday and Friday) close to 200 more RV's entered with all the attendant mothers, fathers, children, grand children, etc.  Instead of the usual 15 minutes to do one round it took me over 80 minutes on Saturday.

On each of the major summer holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day) we hold horseshoe tournaments, and this Memorial Day was no exception.  I was tasked with making sure the pits were all raked, all available pairs of horseshoes were rounded up, and the large trophy delivered for presentation at the end..... 


.....we ended up with 10 teams competing beginning at 1 2:30 we had a winning team.....Team #9.....

The winners with the 'Acker Trophy'

Saturday was also our first day of our new 40 hour work schedule......yep, from now on we will be working 40 hours per week until we leave in mid September, and stockpiling cash towards our eastern U.S. tour beginning this December.

I made my final round of the park, pumped some propane, checked a cable TV connection for a customer (no problem with our cable....the problem was in their RV wiring), dropped off my cart in the yard and clocked out at 4:45 pm......didn't seem like I worked almost 9 hours!

Meanwhile, back in the office/store, TLE was kept busy all day answering phone calls, solving problems.......our ice cream parlor opened for the summer, our ICE HOUSE is dispensing bags of ice, and we appear to be hitting on all 8 cylinders.  

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