Tuesday, May 31, 2016


I always enjoy watching the metamorphosis of TVC on Monday's following 'long weekends'......within a few hours it transforms from a thriving, teeming RV community to a virtual ghost town.  I hate to say this, since it is, after all, my job to see the park fill up and run smoothly, but, let's face it......I love having the place all to myself.....I love having the unobstructed views once again....I love the total quiet at night once again.  Another thing I love is it is not I who has to fight the mind numbing traffic out of the Tahoe Basin......traffic so bad that you can actually ride a bicycle all the way to Meyers (5 miles distant) faster than you can drive a car.  Many of our customers request late checkouts on these days to avoid the worst of the traffic, but the only way you really can do that is to stay an extra day.

Of course, along with the departure of our beloved customers comes the effluent left behind by them......I would estimate that 90% of our customers leave their campsites as clean, or cleaner as when then arrived, but that remaining 10% more than make up for the 90%.  It is beyond me how anyone could imagine that leaving trash and food scattered all over the ground is acceptable.....I can only imagine what their homes must look like.

After helping TLE open the office/store I rode my Intense 5.5 down to the maintenance yard to pick up the Ranger cart only to find whoever used it last on Sunday had not plugged it in.  This has happened before, and I have managed to get through the next day without having to plug it in again.  However, since this was a holiday weekend I drove it a lot more than on normal days, and by 2 pm I could tell the batteries were running low, so I drove it back to the yard and started charging the batteries.  While I waited about an hour for the cart to charge I assembled a couple of picnic tables, and finally was able to head out for my final round of the day just before 3.....I almost made it, too, but just as I was finishing with Section E the batteries gave out.......after sitting for a couple of minutes I managed to get it moving again and limp back to the maintenance yard.

Things will quiet down for the next three weeks, and then begin to build to a crescendo once again as the 4th of July weekend approaches.  We will have time to finish the many projects still on the table.....install the new water heaters, fix electrical issues, install the new swing set seats, finish tiling the showers in Section A, and assemble the rest of the picnic tables.

I 'punched the clock' about 4 pm, and TLE about 15 minutes later.....we sat outside enjoying the continuing balmy early evening air until about 6 before having dinner.  I watched the second half of game 7 between the Warriors and Thunder played in Oakland......the Warriors once again proved they are one of the best teams ever by not only winning game 7, but by coming back from a 3 games to 1 deficit.....a feat only accomplished by 10 teams in the entire history of the NBA......more than 200 teams have failed to come back.  Now the Warriors will face the Cavaliers in the finals beginning this Thursday.

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