Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Too much of a good thing?

It continued raining most of the night and come dawn Tuesday it was still fact there must have been a point during the night when it snowed a little as there was snow on the ground, and snow on my Ranger cart.....

......and there were puddles of water everywhere.....I spent most of the day dodging rain drops, and when I wasn't able to dodge them......drying out in the office/store.......

.....we had a skeleton crew on duty Tuesday as all those who hadn't gone to the customer service seminar went Tuesday morning.

The Memorial Day weekend is staring us straight in the face.....some will begin arriving Wednesday to stretch the first long weekend in a while to 6 days......there will be another wave of people Thursday, and then Friday the crush will hit us when over 100 RV's will arrive for the weekend.  That is probably more arrivals than we have had the entire month of May so far.

With all the rain we are way behind the curve.....we have only painted about half the new tables, and have yet to distribute the rest......the bathrooms in section A and E (our section) are not done have been here for almost a month redoing the showers.....they had to tear everything down to the studs and start over again.  It appears, based on my conversation with the contractors yesterday, that the showers in Section E will be open by Friday, but the ones in A will not.

Most of the staff here this summer is new so they have no idea what 'BUSY' will look like.  It has been laid back and slow paced for them all month, but their first test is coming quickly.

After completing my rounds I went to check the Ice House temperature as we have a large shipment of ice coming any day now.....the temperature was 19 degrees, so it is more than ready.  Next up I picked up three loads of broken concrete being removed by our pool service in the pool area so a leaking pipe can be repaired......I had to haul the concrete all the way back to the maintenance yard to add to the ever growing debris pile.  During the times when I was drying out from the incessant rain I helped Sandy stock the shelves in the store.  I did a lot of other things Tuesday which just don't come to mind.....there is so much left to do that it seems like anything I do is just a drop in the ocean.

It looks like we have one more day of rain drop dodging Wednesday, and then it begins to clear up in time for the long weekend.....we'll see.  No one loves rain on the roof more than I, but like all good things it is possible to get toooo much.  Having lived in SoCal my entire life has made me appreciate rain, but after one month in SLT I'm beginning to long for the long dry days of summer!

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