Sunday, May 8, 2016

Dodging rain drops......

It rained and drizzled all day Saturday and I spent most of my 6 hour shift outdoor cleaning sites in Section I wrote previously, since G is the only section open during the winter and, as a result, gets a little ragged around the edges by the time spring time arrives.

Once again (remember the sugar beet harvest a few years ago) TLE has the nice job indoors with heating and no rain drops, and I am outdoors.  Of course the circumstances this time around are much better, and frankly I would rather be outside......even on a damp and dreary day like Saturday.

These two paragraphs pretty much sum up our Saturday, but as the sun slipped towards the western horizon once again the rain abated and we had a few minutes of precious sun showers....... closing I would love to generally thank all mothers for the wonderful job you do week in and week out, and specifically to my mother Virginia, mother of 5........ The Lovely Elaine, also a mother of 5........ the The Amazing Rochelle, mother of 2......and to Granddaughter Extraordinaire Cynthia.....mother of 1...... Kate, mother of 2 with one in the oven........

.....and lastly, but not Sharon, mother of 1......

......all of you are amazing mothers, and I am so in awe of you!

Thanks for stopping by!

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