Monday, May 16, 2016

Live from TVC....

When summer really gets into full swing Sundays, when there are like 100, or more, departures each week, will feel like a vacuum cleaner has been turned on here at TVC, but this Sunday there were less than 10 departures, and they were all gone by 11 am.  Sunday there was just one maintenance guy, Gordy, on duty, so he and I worked together to finish cleaning up Group A where we had our 'Catorce de Mayo' celebration the night before and haul the two BBQ's back to the maintenance yard.

I then spent time emptying about 10 trashcans maintenance had filled up with pine needles from the grounds around the registration office, did my three rounds around the park, cleaned a few sites and was off by 1 pm.....I had worked to 3 pm Saturday giving me 7 hours, so to keep within my 30 hour work week I chopped one hour off the end of my shift Sunday.

There were a couple of abandoned bicycles out in the maintenance yard I had my eye on since we arrived on April 30th.  Both were essentially non-operable so I wanted to strip down what was left of them and salvage some parts.  I began working on dismantling them about 1:30 and by 4 pm I had finished.  I came away with a set of wheels, a set of brakes, two sets of grip shift shifters, a stem, a couple of derailleurs, handlebars, two sets of brake levers, a crankset, two sets of pedals and a bottom bracket.  I'll use those spare parts to repair bikes for other folks who may have a need this summer.

John and Deb, our neighbors here at TVC and fellow workers, have been having difficulty getting their DirecTV working so I offered to go over after they got off work, and see if I could help them get it working.  As it turned out they had three problems......the first was their receiver has a switch on the back designating the TV must be tuned to either channel 3, or 4 in order to get a picture, and then they had not chosen the correct input, then once we were getting the DirecTV menu on their screen it was obvious their satellite dish did not have a direct view of the southern sky, so we moved it to a better spot.  It took about an hour, but with the help of Gordy we got their DirecTV working.

It, unexpectedly, began to rain just shy of 7 pm, and rained on and off until after midnight.....I have said this on many occasions, but will say it once again for the seems to be very difficult for the forecasters to accurately predict weather here in South Lake Tahoe, and last night was another great example.  Often we get wind warnings and there is NO wind, or severe weather warnings and nothing happens, so we have found the best way to predict the weather is to just look out the window and see what is happening at any given!

We were off to snoozeland by 10......thanks for stopping by!

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