Thursday, May 5, 2016

Movin' and a Groovin'......

Things kicked into high gear at TVC Wednesday.....TLE and I reported for work at 9 am.  My first assignment was to move one of the Registration Desk computers back to the Concierge desk, which will become our new 'call center'.  Two new computers have been to replace the one we moved from the Registration Desk, and and additional ACE computer (what we use to check customers out of the store with their purchases).  Moving the computer was the easy part......running an ethernet cable back to the Concierge desk was the time consuming part.  Initially I was provided with a 100' cable, and I just ran it directly to the back of the computer across counters and floors to be sure it worked before I began the hard work of permanently installing it out of sight.....good thing I did, because there was something wrong with it and we could only get "limited internet access", which really means NO access.  Ultimately our manager ran over to the local TruValue Hardware store to pick up a 50' cable, plus a connector and that worked just fine.....maybe the 100' cable was just too long a run to work properly.  At any rate the new one worked, and then I began the time consuming work of running it through the cabinets (a few holes had to be drilled) to the Concierge Desk.

Once that was finished and I had cleaned up the mess I had made I headed to the coach for my 30 minute lunch break.....just to be clear, we can take a one hour lunch if we wish, but I prefer the shorter lunch break as I then get off work 30 minutes sooner.

About 10 days ago TVC took delivery on 41 new picnic tables (some assembly required) and I was tasked with figuring out how to assemble the first one.  There were no instructions to worry about.....perfect for a guy who only resorts to reading directions when all else fails.  Ultimately I figured it out and finished assembling the table just about 3 pm when the rain began to fall once again.  

The next 4 days are forecast to have a lot of rain in them, so outdoor work will become problematic.  We need to erect the large entertainment tent (where movies are shown, and bands perform) and that is a task that you do not want to do in the rain.  We'll have a one, or two day window early next week when there is no rain forecast so I'm guessing that is when that will happen, and it needs to happen then as we have a couple of groups coming in the middle of the month who have contracted to use the tent for their activities.

As I mentioned yesterday the maintenance/storage yard has undergone a tremendous transformation, and our junk pile has, as a result, increased in direct proportion......

After finishing the picnic table assembly I picked up a "Who Is In The Park List" from TLE and did my first site checks of the season.....there are probably less than 30 RV's in the park right now, and probably 10 are owned and occupied by staff, so there is not much to check, but, as it turns out there are a lot of RV's in the park that are not in our system for some reason, including several in our storage area.  Those are mysteries that TLE will solve over the next few days.  I may have mentioned that TVC bought 4 'new' golf carts (actually 4 refurbished used carts) and here is the one I have been assigned......

I clocked out about 4:45 pm, and TLE was home by 5:30.....she spent more time training the new office personnel on the DigiRez software, and basically just spent time checking customers into the park, answering questions about sites, etc.

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  1. 100 foot is not too long. You can go hundreds of feet. There was something wrong with the cable

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