Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A frosty evening....

8:51 am - Tuesday - My good friend Tom Carrozzo has a wonderful, descriptive saying to describe how one might feel after a long night.....it goes "I feel as if I have been drug through a knothole backwards"......and that is precisely how I feel this morning after Monday's adventures.

After taking Sunday off from riding I was back on my Cannondale Bad Boy heading for the Emerald Bay Visa Point.  I made a quick stop at Higher Ground Automotive to talk with our mechanic, John, about scheduling an appointment to have the Beetle serviced....we settled on this Friday.  After a few minutes I was back on my way to Emerald Bay........our elevation here in TVC is just over 6,300 feet.....the elevation at the Vista Point is over 6,850 feet.  Most of the elevation gain is in the last 1.5 miles of the 8.85 mile one way distance to the top.  I set out around 10:30 am determined not to push too hard......just enjoy the ride....no need to add suffering to the experience!  It took me just over 49 minutes of riding time to the top.....I might have been able to get there under 49 minutes but there was a construction zone right at the top and I had to thread my way through about 30 stationary vehicles to reach the vista point parking lot......

 I never tire of this view!

.....of course, after the hard climb to the top the reward of the fast descent awaits.  I usually get up to 35-36 mph on the descent and listening to music on my Samsung phone just makes it even better!

I was back at the mother ship a little after noon and spent the rest of the afternoon resting and taking a nice, long, hot shower before heading for work at 3 pm.  TLE spent the time preparing French Onion Soup for our dinner entree, and it was fabulous!  Normally Monday's are extremely laid back, and because of that we chose Monday night to defrost the ICE HOUSE.....I spent the better part of 7 hours scraping ice from the coils which run along the entire length of the ceiling.......normally the temperature runs around 10 F degrees......as the coils iced up the temperature eventually crept up to 33 F degrees so we really had no choice but to defrost......


About 80% done

.......I finally had all the ice off the coils, had all the ice (looked like snow) shoveled off the floor and all the water mopped up around 11 pm.  I turned the compressor back on, closed and locked the door and headed back inside to help TLE finish sweeping and mopping.  We did our inspection of the restrooms and were home decompressing by 1:15 am.....that was a long, long shift!

I rode my bike over this morning about 8 am to check on the temperature and it is back down to 18 F degrees and falling, so the defrosting was a success!  So, now we are off work Tuesday and Wednesday and back on Thursday at 3:30 pm.  After 4 days of our night shift we are still loving it!

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