Friday, July 1, 2016


We had about 60 arrivals to TVC Thursday and Friday we are expecting close to 200 is the beginning of  'Arrivageddon'.....however, I am going to attempt to live by the old maxim......"let the evil of today be sufficient unto itself" point in worrying about milk which has not been spilt.....yet.

I began my day reloading the 'ICE HOUSE' conveyor belt, then began my rounds.  The campground has taken on this eerily quiet is as if the forest, the wildlife and humans are sensing what is coming and are taking a collective deep breath.  There were no issues requiring my attention, and I was finished with round one by 9:30.  Then it was back to the 'Overflow Area' to create a parking area for those who will be using that area over the 4th of July.  I first dragged (using a chain and the golf cart) various logs leftover from our dead tree cutting program to form barriers and define the parking area, then pounded 10 metal posts into the ground (five along each side of the road) on which to hang signs indicating and further defining the parking area.  Folks will be allowed to drive into their campsite, drop their gear, and then bring the car back to the parking area.  This will keep the dust and congestion down in the 'Overflow Area'.  TLE and Sally helped me by printing the signs and laminating them.  I started working on the overflow project late last week, and by Friday all will be ready.....I just have to hang the parking signs and we are ready!

Even though we only had 60 arrivals they all decided to arrive in groups of 3, and 4 RV's so I had no choice but to stay in and around the campground entrance to prevent traffic jams.  At one point they came so fast we had 7 RV's backed up to around the Trolley Shack before I was able to send them off to their sites, asking them to register later in the afternoon.

The 5 day forecast shows a cooling trend down from the high 80's to the low 80's and high 70's.....that is good news.  With the park over 100% capacity hot weather would have put a heavy burden on our electrical system with all the air conditioners in use.

Everything seems to be ready.....I'm sure we've prepared properly, and for right now I feel good about where we are.  Friday and Saturday will expose the truth, and when something goes wrong, and it will, we will proceed with style and grace.  

I was on my way home by 4:30, and TLE followed a short time later.....we are both tired and the 4 day weekend has not yet begun.  Oh, and by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to my youngest son, Tim....he turns 30 years old July 1st (today).  Love you Tim!

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