Friday, July 29, 2016


7:29 am - Friday - I'm up way too early, but "c'est la vie".....there are always naps.  Now, if I can just get my brain working while the broadband is still fast.......the last two weeks the Verizon broadband has stunk here in SLT.  There are just too many people here (SLT) and the local cell towers are works pretty well after 10 pm and before 8 am, but from 8 am until 10 pm at night it stinks.

Thursday the high got to 89 again....I got a late start (10:30 am) on my 21 mile bike ride and by the time I returned it was getting quite warm.  We turned the AC on by 12:30 pm and it was on until we left for work at 3:20 pm.  The temperatures will begin to GRADUALLY cool off over the next 10 days getting back down to 80 by August 11th, so we are in for mid to high 80's for the next week and may get into the high 70's a couple of days through the end of August.  As always, this is the warmest time of year here in SLT.  Down in Carson City it is over 107 each day, so I really have little to complain about, right?

At any rate, I took the aforementioned bike ride doing my 21 mile loop out to the end of the Emerald Bay Road bike path, then picked up the bike path that runs along Lake Tahoe Blvd. and Sawmill finishing up my ride heading west on US-50.  Other than the bike ride my only other ambition for the day was to rest up for our night shift.  Starting at 3:30 pm puts us right in the middle of the highest temperatures for the day, and until after 7 pm it was pretty miserable outside. Of course TLE was inside the office/store where the evaporative cooler keeps things bearable.

My shift began helping a customer move from one site to another as he believed the low voltage (109 volts) was causing his 'transfer switch' to shut off electrical power to his coach.  At the new site he had 50 amp service and 120 volts, but the problem persisted, so we concluded the problem was his transfer switch failing.  Naturally, on hot days most everyone in the park with AC is using it and that can cause a voltage drop especially in our older 30 amp grid in Section G.

I spent the entire shift running from one thing to the next......clogged toilets (there were many), quick set up for karaoke night (all the chairs were stacked and had to be deployed in rows), site encroachment complaints and on it went.  All that being said, I still prefer the night shift, especially since it only gets cooler throughout my shift, not hotter, and it gets more laid back.  We are seeing large turnovers each day now.....a hundred or more departures and the same for arrivals.  This is the hectic part of the summer, but it will begin to slow down in about 10 days.....just about the time the weather begins to cool once again.

We 'ran' the restrooms (checked them for adequate paper towels, TP and clogs) around 11:30 pm, and clocked out just before midnight.......I had to take care of 3 more clogged toilets.....yuk!

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