Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Usually the Tuesday after the 4th of July weekend is a relatively easy day.  About the half of the weekend revelers depart TVC back to their workaday lives while we concern ourselves with the aftermath......the litter covered sites, the overflowing dumpsters.  In spite of ordering a special 4th of July trash pick up Monday, all 17 dumpsters were overflowing less than 24 hours later.  Robert asked me to call our waste disposal company, South Tahoe Refuse, to see if they could squeeze us into their schedule Tuesday.  After some juggling the nice lady came back on the phone to advise they could come back again.....whew!  There was no way we were making it to Wednesday!  They arrived just before noon, and by 1 pm we had empty dumpsters to dispose of all the litter we were collecting.

My day started out somewhat normally, but deteriorated into dealing with unreasonable customers, and that is how my day ended leaving a very bad taste in my mouth.  To be fair the large, large majority of customers are reasonable, gracious and polite.  It is the one, two, or three out of a hundred who lack those virtues which I remember.  What could I have done differently to get a better outcome?  Was the outcome my fault, or even partially my fault?  These are the things I think about.  I wish I was able to put the bad experiences, as few as they are, out of my mind and move on, but here I sit 12 hours later still thinking about how Tuesday ended.

I gladly punched the clock at 4 pm and headed for home......TLE followed a half hour later at which time we were joined by Meredith and Amy for a walk over to Lake Tahoe Pizza for a few pitchers of beer and some great pizza.  We promised each other as we sat down that we would not discuss work, and we were true to our promises.....from 4:30 to after 9 pm we did not talk about work, and I began to feel better.

Whilst TLE and I were at work Meredith and Amy did some site seeing (Emerald Bay and Vikingsholm), and then drove over to Stateline to visit Hard Rock Cafe to play a little blackjack......they ended up winning $200 between them and insisted on picking up the Lake Tahoe Pizza tab.....okay, things are looking up!

We ended the evening around the else, right?  Ultimately the mosquitoes began to nettle us so we bid adieu to Meredith and Amy and headed inside.  What will Wednesday look like.

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