Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Ice Man cometh........

We arrived at the office/store around 7:20 am to find that the Ice House slide mechanism in which you place your 8 quarters to buy a 7 pound bag of cube ice had broken on Monday afternoon.  I remembered seeing a box of these old mechanical devices in one of the maintenance sheds a few weeks ago.  I went looking for that box hoping to just cannibalize the part which had broken from one of the extras to fix the existing one.  I don't even know if you can buy these things is like 40 year old technology, if not older.  After emptying the box I began to examine each device.  Some were set up to take $1.25 in quarters, some $1.50 and one $1.75.....I finally picked up one that took $2.00 in was brand new.....never used!  So I'm thinking "Hey, I can just take out the old one and replace it with a brand new one!" instead of cannibalizing anything.  I'm pretty good with mechanical devices once I figure them out, and that was the case Tuesday.  It took me a while to figure out how to remove the old one, but once I did everything else went quickly, and by 9:30 the Ice House was back in business once again.

I spent the rest of the morning doing my rounds, and greeting some returning customers (Richard and Liz)  who have been coming to TVC for 30 years to spend the summer.  TLE and I took lunch together at 1 pm and were back on the job by 1:30.  My afternoon involved lining the road into the Group/Overflow area with logs in anticipation of the arrival of our two church groups which come here for tent meetings late July and early August.  The logs will keep people from taking short cuts through the tent sites near the entrance of the Group/Overflow area, and will also keep tenters from entering their sites from the Group/Overlfow road.

Finally I put up the last of the signs......ONE WAY signs to discourage folks from driving the wrong way on our one way loops in F, A and E sections.  These signs combined with the very large DO NOT ENTER signs I have put up should reduce the wrong way driving occurrences.....we shall see what we shall see.

TLE and I were off work at 4 pm and home sipping our adult beverages by 4:15.....TLE had me grill some pollo asado which she turned into street tacos once again.....I love this woman!

Pollo asado street tacos

We dined alfresco for the first time in a while, and sat talking about this and that until after 7:30 pm when we headed inside.....not because of mosquitoes.....there were none as of 7:30 pm!

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