Sunday, July 10, 2016

"Sign, sign, everywhere a sign......" Part II

Saturday's are our Friday and back in our workaday lives we loved Friday's as that meant we had two days off, of course.  On Saturday the sign fun continued.....I felt like a kid in a candy store.  We have had a problem area in Section E for the 3 years we have been coming to TVC.  Just past the cabins the road splits and forms a 'Y'.....if you are in an RV of any length over 20' the road to the left is very difficult to negotiate due to the position of the trees.  Many inexperienced operators have hit one of the trees trying to 'snake' through the road to the left.  Now we have the proper signage to send RV's to the right.......

.....instead of creating a sign advising no RV's over certain length attempt the left road we decided to just direct all RV's (trailers, 5th wheels, Class C's, Class A's) to the right to avoid any misunderstandings.......

.....additionally we were given several yellow signs reading "CROSS TRAFFIC DOES NOT STOP" the entrance to TVC we have the intersection of Melba Drive and C Street.....folks driving west and east on Melba Drive must stop while traffic going north and south on C Street (the entrance to TVC) do not have a stop sign.  We've had a number of close calls over the years, and a couple of fender benders as many people thought it was a four way stop.  I took two of those yellow signs and attached them just below the two stop signs.....I hope the local constabulary doesn't mind.....I'm sure they won't......

......additionally the road leading out of the Group Area has never had a stop sign, and when we are full this creates another potential for collisions.....there is a large dumpster there and it creates a sort of blind spot, so I dug a hole for a 4 x 4 post and attached my last stop sign there......yeah, I know, the post is short, but that is how all our traffic signs are mounted here in TVC...... between all the signage fun I did my rounds, pumped propane, watched the entrance to keep the traffic unjammed and flowing, picked up trash and ran errands for our office staff.  One of our office staff (not TLE) spends time each day comparing the length of RV for future arrivals to the reported length of the site to which they are assigned.  On occasion they will find a situation where the RV is clearly longer that the site and will call me to go and measure not only that site, but a possible alternate site.  Most often these mismatches are the fault of the Thousand Trails (a national camping membership program) reservation personnel.  Thousand Trails only sets aside and pays us for 45 sites out of the 406 sites here for its Thousand Trails members.  They deliberately assign people to sites too short hoping we will move them to a retail site when we discover what they have done.  When we  do this they get one of our retail sites, for which they have not paid, for a deeply discounted price.  Mind you, we are prohibited from putting a retail customer into one of the Thousand Trail sites.  We have finally caught on to their 'game' and everyone in the office except for one, or two will not move them anymore.  When they arrive and are unhappy we direct them back to Thousand Trails who made their reservation.  What needs to happen is Thousand Trails needs to set aside and pay for more sites instead of playing this game.  Anyway, I say that to say this.......measuring sites for a future arrival is not high on my list of priorities....I am always working on something, and when I get those calls it takes me away from something that has more immediate importance.  I have asked several times that office personnel write down these requests and save them up for when I come back to the office after doing my morning rounds, or afternoon rounds, and I will do them all at once.  Again one, or two folks believe what they are working on is more important than anything else in the park......yup, a minor source of irritation.

TLE and I were off and riding our bikes home a little after 4 pm looking forward to two days off.....we are at the half way mark of our summer commitment......hard to believe.

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