Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Two hundred forty-one

Mere and Amy met us for breakfast Monday morning.....for the first time this summer we cooked breakfast outside.  I did bacon, TLE used our outdoor toaster to heat up bagels, and after I was done with the bacon she scrambled some eggs.  Of course there were copious amounts of java being consumed as we set about to plan our day.

Naturally a bike ride was in order.....I just bought Amy the Motiv bicycle, and Mere had brought her Dahon folding bike along, which she had not ridden too much since Christmas, so we had to test them out.  We rode slowly northward along the bike path that passes through Camp Richardson to the Tallac Historic site where the Pope, Baldwin and Valhalla estates run along the shore of Lake Tahoe. Trying to drive anywhere on the 4th of July in South Lake Tahoe is fruitless, plus you can go a lot of places you cannot in a car.

 The customary 'usie'

Doubling down on 'usies'

 Irony....a butterfly alights on the information board about the 'Butterfly Garden'

 Cool birdhouses

Baldwin Beach beginning to fill up

We lollygagged along through the morning enjoying the 76 degree SLT air ultimately ending up at one of our favorite SLT coffee places, Alpina Cafe, for a Mocha Shake....a lot like a Mocha Frappuccino.

I have to say what a delight it is to spend time with Meredith and Amy......they are both intelligent, thoughtful people with wonderful senses of humor.  There is never an end of topics to discuss.

We arrived back at the coach around 1 pm and sat for a while discussing 'cabbages and kings' for about 90 minutes before we all decided we needed naps.  We agreed to meet back at our site around 6 pm for filet mignon steaks, baked potatoes, and salad.  The steaks, as always, came out perfect.  We followed dinner with our own 'Night at the Movies'......I got out the outdoor TV and our portable DVD player used for just such occasions and watch a very old Mel Brooks film called 'The Twelve Chairs'......a slightly obscure Mel Brooks film to be sure, but a favorite of ours.  We laughed and giggled for 93 minutes....it was like seeing it for the first time all over again.

Soon it was just past 9 pm, and time for TLE and I to hit the sack as Tuesday is a work day for us.  The past two days off were wonderful, and the time spent with Meredith and Amy will keep a smile on my face for a long time to come.  They will do some site seeing Tuesday after the 4th of July crowds begin to dissipate, and will be here until they return to their workaday lives Wednesday.

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy 241st birthday America

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