Thursday, July 7, 2016


Wednesday was like the total antithesis of Tuesday.....nothing but pleasant, gracious and appreciative customers.  That is the kind of day that washes away the bad taste left in my mouth from Tuesday.  TLE and I were on the job by 7:20 am.....she opening the office/store and I on my way to the maintenance yard to pick up my cart after punching the clock.  I mae a run out to the 'Overflow Area' to pick up the rest of the red stakes used to mark the various sites.  Frankly the litter out there was not as bad as it has been in past years with fewer campers.  Another lesson learned this year to be applied next year.....don't sell more than 25 'Overflow Sites'......our parking area will not handle more than that.

For the first time in days I was able to make all my rounds verifying that all those scheduled to depart had, indeed, departed.  I spent time fixing a few hose bibs, picking up litter, retrieving abandoned firewood, watching the entrance as traffic began to back up several times, and redefined two sites in Section F using some of the tree trunks from dead trees we had cut down to create borders for sites 294 and 336, which back up to each other.  There have been frequent disputes over where one site begins and the other longer will that happen.

Around 9 am my daughter Meredith and her friend Amy stopped by the office to say their 'until next times' as they had to drive back to SoCal to their workaday lives.  I told them they must stop in Walker, CA to have lunch at Walker Burger as they have really great hamburgers.......Meredith texted around noon to say they had stopped there for lunch, and that I had not exaggerated......they were home by 7 pm after several site seeing stops along the way.  I really hate say 'until next time' to my kids.....I'll just leave it at that.

One of the customers from Tuesday who helped spoil that day for me decided to depart TVC 6 days early after only being here one day......frankly, if I had been that person I would have left out of sheer embarrassment at the way I had behaved.  I have no idea what their motivation for leaving early was, but am happy they have departed.  The other customer, who apparently has no conscience, and is an inveterate teller of falsehoods, is still here.

Beginning next week our average daily number of sites rented will exceed 350 for the rest of the summer.......and so it begins.....the busy season at TVC.  Based on the performance of several staff members I do not think we are ready.  They will have to up their performance, or this will be a long 60 days for the rest of us who are performing up to and beyond expectations.

I clocked out by 2:15 pm since I was already up to 89 hours for the two week pay time card shows over 12 hours of overtime, and that sounds just about right.  I puttered around the trailer straightening up, and fabricating a spacer for the kickstand I installed on Amy's Motiv bicycle.  I'm going to upgrade a few of her components and then deliver the bike to her when we arrive back in SoCal in late September.

TLE arrived home just after 4 pm with a big hug for me.......she also had a much better day....we retired to the patio for Margaritas and relaxed until about 6 pm when we headed inside for the night.

Yeah, Wednesday was a great reminder to both of us......when you have a bad day that means there is a good day just around the corner......thanks for stopping by!

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