Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Tuesday began as most days for me here at TVC and then proceeded to morph into something completely unexpected.  Just after I finished my morning rounds I picked up a can of red paint and a paint brush from the maintenance shed intending to spend a few hours applying a new coat of paint to the tent site posts in Section E when I heard a call over the two way radio indicating there was an issue with the electrical in the group bathrooms, and the group kitchen......the problem?  There was NO electricity.  I met Adam there and he told me he had come in Monday (his day off) for 5 hours trying, with our electrical contractor (Winters Electric) to figure out how to restore power.  They had not been able to figure out what the problem was so here we were again on Tuesday trying to figure out what happened.  I called my friend Harry who worked here at TVC last year and was very familiar with the electrical grid.....he lives just a couple blocks away and met us at the group restroom in 5 minutes.  With Harry's help we devised a temporary solution to restore power at both locations.

The two group restrooms do not need a lot of power......just lights and a fan, and the group kitchen just has lights and a couple of 110 electrical outlets, so we first decided to (temporarily) run a 'jumper' from the electrical pedestal in 481 by plugging into the 30 amp receptacle using a male 30 amp plug and then connecting that to about 30 feet of Romex which we ran to the group restroom breakers where we wired it directly into the breakers.  We flipped the breaker at the pedestal then the two breakers at the restroom and we had lights and fans!

Next we went to the group kitchen where we tapped into the 50 amp box there, which is on a different circuit, connecting to one of the 50 amp legs, the neutral and the ground with another 6 foot length of Romex which we ran to the junction box inside the kitchen area.  Within minutes we had power restored to the kitchen.  Mind you, these are temporary fixes. It appears, that like happened in our site, one of the underground cables has failed which will involve a lot of digging, which we cannot do with the park so full of RV's and tenters right now.  Thank you Harry for your time and help....we couldn't have done it without you!

By the time we finished with all that fun....and it was was 1 pm and I hadn't eaten lunch yet so I 'clocked out' and headed for the Newell to have a sandwich.

In the mean time TLE was spending time with Robert, our manager, working on a new schedule, which I alluded to in yesterday's missive.  The big change, which has been approved by both Robert and Victor, is that TLE and I will take over the late shift beginning at 4 pm each day we work until 1 am (an hour lunch is factored in).  The problem we have run into is the two folks assigned to that shift have not been doing the job, and really need direct supervision so they will transition to the day shift where they (a couple of 20 somethings) will have plenty of supervision.  Personally I would have fired them, but I am not in charge.  At any rate we are both excited about the change.  Why? Well, right now I get up at 5:30 am to be on the job by 7:30 the time I get home after 8 hours of work I am tired and don't feel like riding my bike, or doing much else for that matter.  Under the new schedule we will be off by 1 am (I'll be doing night rounds/security and helping TLE clean the office/recreation room/laundry each evening after 10 pm to make sure they are ready for the new day).  I'll be in bed by 2 am, up by 10 am feeling fresh and ready for a ride.....we don't go to work until 4 pm so there is time for a nap, and relaxation before we go on duty.  I think I will like this better, and so does TLE.  We are, after all, used to working the late shift at Amazon and do quite well at it.  The change goes into effect beginning Friday!

I did finally get to that painting I had planned to do in the morning and got three site posts painted. I'll work on the rest Wednesday.  We were home a little after 4 pm knowing we only have two more early mornings before our new schedule kicks in.  We sipped some wine, then TLE made some eggs and french toast for dinner.

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