Sunday, July 17, 2016

'Duty to other people'

7:34 am - Ahhh Sunday, sweet Sunday.....a day off and I managed to sleep in two hours beyond my normal rising time.  Saturday with it's 96 arrivals was a total outlier......a typical Saturday is 40-50 arrivals and a like number of departures.  As soon as I saw the numbers I knew it was going to be a busy day.  My morning rounds took longer than normal due to the occupancy rate being near 100%.  

I was on my way back to the office/store when I noticed someone had parked a Class A motorhome at the stop sign coming out of Sections A & E facing the office/store.  This happens occasionally, but it is beyond me why any mature adult would think it was safe, legal, or proper to park their vehicle at a stop sign and walk away.  We have narrow roads within the park and the only result on a Saturday morning with all the attendant activity will be traffic backing up, and people trying to go around the parked vehicle, in this case a large motorhome, blind.  A perfect recipe for a vehicle verses bicycle, or pedestrian accident.

As it turned out the driver was in the office/store filing a noise complaint from the night before.  I entered the store and asked for everyone's attention.  I then asked who owned the Class A motorhome parked at the stop sign.  Everyone near me said 'Not me', then I spied a gentleman standing at the back desk talking to one of our staff....he had not responded so I walked over to him and asked him if that Class A was his.  He replied that it was.....I told the staff member that whatever they were talking about (the noise complaint I later learned) was unimportant at this point........I had to have him move his motorhome immediately as he had created a dangerous situation.  He didn't feel he was done venting his spleen and continued on about the noise form the night before.  I again said "Sir, you must move your motorhome immediately!  You are putting people at risk!".....he finally turned and came with me.  On our way out to his rig he continued to complain to me and then said he only parked there because he needed to use the dump station and didn't know where it was......I pointed out he was parked directly next to a large yellow and blue sign (6' x 8') with the word "DUMP" and a large arrow pointing the direction to the dump station.  Then it came out he really parked there because he was mad at us......this final statement coming from a Boy Scout Troop leader in uniform.  I wondered to myself how his actions comported with the Boy Scout Pledge (#2 - Duty to other people) probably didn't.  Apparently in the mind of this supposedly mature adult Scout leader he was justified in setting aside the pledge and put people at risk all because his neighbor had been too noisy the night before.  I wonder what lesson the Scouts sitting in his motorhome will retain in the years to come from this weekend.....probably the last thing they witnessed.

The rest of the day saw me running from one task to another.....pumping propane, watching the entrance drive, taking people to storage to drop trailers, answering questions, assisting folks into their sites, etc.

I was determined to be off the clock by 4 pm and not work one minute of 3:40 I drove my cart back to the yard, washed and dried it, put it in the cart shed, plugged it in and was back to the office at 3:58 to punch the clock.

I beat TLE home by 15 minutes and was just ending a deliciously hot shower when she came in the door......I got dressed quickly and began our walk over to Lake Tahoe Pizza for a pitcher of 'ICKY' IPA and a Jackpot Pizza replete with anchovies.  We sat talking and unwinding from our work week for over an hour before beginning a slow ambling walk home.  I just felt like I needed to get off site for a while and it worked wonders.  

I spent the evening watching a recording of Saturday's British Open round dominated by Phil Mickelson and Henrik Stenson....what a great round.  They will both be paired for the final round Sunday, and as I type I am watching a 'duel to the death'....the lead has changed hands 8 times in the last 12 holes!!

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