Friday, July 22, 2016

Ingress and egress......

7:44 am - Friday - So nice to get up at 7:30 am instead of 5:30 am......Friday is the first day of our new schedule which has settled out this way.....Thursday, Friday, Saturday we start our shift at 3:30 pm and are off by 12:30 am, and Sunday, Monday we begin at 3 pm and are off by midnight.....this will be our schedule the rest of the summer 'God willing and the river don't rise' as they say.  Of course, this also means you will be seeing my daily posts later in the morning each day.

So, what happened Thursday?  Overnight TLE had this brainstorm about how to handle the increased traffic which results each year from the influx of the two tent meeting church groups.  Typically our entrance is bumper to bumper each morning as the attendees who are not staying in TVC drive in for the meetings.  Then the reverse happens as they slowly egress from the park.  TLE suggested we open up the fence along Melba Drive near where the tent meeting folk park, and let them ingress directly from Melba and egress directly on to Melba......this will remove the twice daily traffic jams.  I presented the idea first to James and Keith (TFE folks) who loved the idea, so then I talked with Adam (our maintenance manager upon whom much of the work will fall) and then to Robert our manager.....they all loved the idea and gave the green light to proceed.  Adam quickly had the fence cut, and rolled back to create the entrance/exit.  On Friday Alex will use our loader to create the 100 foot access road.  I got our remaining stop sign, and one 'RIGHT TURN ONLY' sign to place at the exit point and had them installed by late afternoon.

The rest of the day I made my rounds checking on the departures and found we had several folks who had not left their sites by 11 am (checkout time).  One guy claimed he had paid for his site through Saturday and was refusing to leave.  Another was waiting for him to leave so they could move into his spot.  Another man couldn't leave his site due to a malfunction with one of his leveling jacks on his 38' Class A motorhome.  So my morning and early afternoon were filled with trying to break the log jam of non-departures.  The guy who was refusing to leave could only produce paperwork showing what we already knew to be true.....he had only paid through Wednesday night.  He ultimately relented and departed in a huff about 1 pm allowing the other guy waiting to move into his site to move allowing the guy waiting in our registration line to move into his site.  Yup, it seems like a game of dominoes sometimes, or as TLE says "Jenga blocks".  The guy with the broken leveling jack called an RV repair guy who was able to jack up the motorhome and then remove the defective jack.....he was finally able to depart about 2 pm.....the person coming into his site had not yet arrived so no one was inconvenienced.  The takeaway from this was that except for the one unreasonable gentleman everyone else was understanding and patient.  My faith in humanity has been somewhat restored.

Sometime late afternoon I realized I had lost my personal set of keys that I keep on a blue carabiner with my set of TVC keys.  I hate losing things.....don't we all?  I began retracing, as much as I could, everywhere I had been that day, and even checked the 'Lost and Found', but by the time I clocked out and headed for home about 4 pm I had resigned myself to the loss of the keys.  TLE arrived home shortly after I did and as she was putting her bike back in the trailer I heard her say "Clarke, are these the keys you are looking for?".....she came to the door of the Newell with my keys in her hand.....apparently they had fallen off the carabiner when I closed the trailer after picking up my tool bag about 9 am, and I had not noticed them missing until much later in the day.

We needed to do some shopping so TLE and I headed first over to 'Classic Cue' for some fish tacos and a pitcher of 'Payback Porter' before heading to Raley's to pick up what turned out to be a large basket of 'necessities'.  I should have known when TLE suggested we drive the car instead of walking that we were getting more than a few necessities.....:-)  We were home by 6 pm relaxing and looking forward to sleeping in Friday morning!  YAY for us!

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