Sunday, July 24, 2016

Midnight run....

10:49 am - body is finally adjusting to the schedule change!  I slept in until after 9 am this morning and lazed around until now watching the end of Le Tour de's kind of nice just being lazy once and a while.

So, what did Saturday have for us?  I began Saturday with a 22 mile bicycle ride around South Lake Tahoe which included a stop at the Tahoe Flea Market where I found a pair of Channel Lock dykes I couldn't live without.  From there I rode to the end of the bike Emerald Bay Road bike path and back arriving back at the mother ship just after 11 am.

I spent the rest of the time before we went on duty napping, showering and reading.  We clocked in about 3:20 pm and thus began our second night shift.  Every day is a little different whether you have the day, or night shift.  As was the case the night before I inherited a couple of unresolved issues from the day shift, but was able to give them resolution within 30 minutes.  Unlike Friday night I had no clogged toilets to deal with, no propane to pump, and really no unhappy customers.  I spent time directing traffic until things quieted down, took care of the pool by checking chlorine and PH levels and making the appropriate adjustments, ran my 10 pm 'Quiet Hour' rounds having to quiet just a few folks.  So far in the three nights we have had custody of the 'Ranger iPhone' we have received no noise complaint calls...... I make my rounds after dark I pass by many interesting light displays to which I am always comparing ours.

I arrived back at the office/store around 10:45 and began to sweep the floors of the store and lounge, empty the trash cans, and then wet mop where necessary (lounge, bathrooms, and the front entry), help TLE straighten up the desk area, lock up and then make our final bathroom check rounds (I do the first one with one of TLE's office helpers, Heather, around 9 pm).....we check to be sure the paper towels and TP are in good supply, and all paper is in the trash cans where it belongs.  We finished the fourth and final bathroom just after midnight, clocked out and headed for the barn.

I was in bed by 1 am, and TLE followed shortly thereafter......yep, we are thoroughly enjoying our new schedule!  Much less stressful and laid back!

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