Thursday, July 28, 2016

My fans......

7:44 am - Thursday - I got up around 2:30 am to go to the bathroom and it was still 80 degrees inside the coach.  I turned on the 'attic' fan for about one minute to draw some cool air into the coach and the temperature fell within minutes to 75.....much better.  I woke up at 7:30 am and here I am sitting in front of my laptop trying to put words on the page about Wednesday.....

We stayed close to home all day Wednesday.....nothing much to report except we (the royal 'we'.....I watched) did cook breakfast outdoors, and ate it outdoors.  We knew the high temperature for the day was forecast to be at least got to 89, but it sure felt much hotter as there was virtually no breeze all day.

I spent about an hour removing, cleaning and re-installing our 'attic' fan.  It had begun to develop this 'rattling' sound after being on for about 5 minutes so I wasn't sure if the bearings in the fan motor were going bad, or the bracket that holds the motor in place needed to be tightened.  At any rate I cleaned the fan blades, put a little '3 in 1' oil on the shaft, then re-installed it making sure all the bolts and nuts which hold the fan in place were tight.  I turned it on and it ran flawlessly for an hour before we turned it off to turn on the AC for the second day in a row.

Around 5 pm we turned off the AC, opened up the windows and went outside to enjoy the cooling evening air.  Around 6:30 I fired up the Sea-B-Que in preparation so I could grill two filet mignons and some corn for dinner.  Once again we ate outside and sat talking until after 9 pm as darkness once again enveloped the TVC landscape.  The mosquitoes have essentially disappeared at night now that we are deep into the summer season so our decision to go inside for the night was not dictated, for once, by their presence.

So, in review, Wednesday was a very lazy, do mostly nothing day for us.....the kind of day you need one in a while whether you live in a 'sticks and bricks' home, or a home on wheels.

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