Monday, July 18, 2016

Being 'green'....

6:35 am - Monday - As I wrote yesterday morning (Sunday) I was up watching the British Open at 7:34 am.  By the time I tuned in Phil Mikelson and Henrik Stenson were tied at 14 under par.  As the morning progressed they were tied at 17 under with 2, or 3 holes to go and then suddenly Henrik pulled ahead by two strokes, then finished with a birdie on the 18th and final hole to win by 3.  The nearest competitors to these two were 14 strokes behind Henrik Stenson when it was over, and 11 behind Phil.  Phil Mikelson made no mistakes......he had a bogey free essence he got beat by 10 birdies in 18 holes by Henrik Stenson.  It was one of the most amazing finishes at a Major I have ever seen, and I am so grateful I was off work Monday to watch it happen.  

Near the end of the tournament TLE and I decided to begin to roll out the large piece of artificial turf I wrote about last week to see how it would fit in our site.  Within an hour we had it laid out and held in place by large nail type spikes.  We moved our awning mat to become the walkway back to the trailer.......'s hard to tell the awning mat is back there in the picture above as the intense sunlight washes out the color in the picture.  TLE had the vision of how to lay it out, and I helped execute her came out wonderfully, and we love our new environment!

After The Open (the British do not call their 'Open' the British Open.....they just call it 'The Open') had finished we spent the rest of the day relaxing outside reading and napping.  I was able to finish a book I began reading over a month ago.  By 6 pm I was grilling Pollo Asado for our taco salad dinner, and after we finished eating we sat by the fire for an hour, or so......

.....we went inside around 7:30 and watched a recorded episode of 'Last Ship', then 'Naked and Afraid: XL' the regular 'Naked and Afraid' they must survive for 21 days without clothing, or the XL version they go 40 days and there are 4 three person teams deployed with miles of each other.  This season they are somewhere in South Africa living in one of the most inhospitable places on earth right along with lions, tigers, elephants, etc.  We were in our wonderfully comfortable bed before 11 with smiles on our faces, and grateful we were not sleeping on the ground with ticks, naked and afraid!

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