Thursday, July 21, 2016

Leonardo is here!

5:54 am - Thursday:  As I write this morning I am struggling with a few issues with my computer....I finally succumbed and upgraded to Windows 10.  I always dread these software upgrades whether on my phone, or laptop.  There are always a few bugs to work out and one of mine is my sound no longer works.  Apparently I'm going to have to uninstall a couple of programs and then re-install them to get the updated Windows 10 drivers.  I feel like I have lost 5 hours of my life I will never get back.  Also, as I write I am realizing this is the last morning I get up at 5:30 am in order to be at the office/store with TLE to open for the day.  Friday I will be able to sleep in, and not be at work until 4 pm.  I'll have time for a solo bike ride, which I have not had time to take for a while.  We are both looking forward to our new schedule.

So, what happened Wednesday?  Well, the TFE people (Tahoe Family Encampment - Seventh Day Adventists) began arriving to set up their large circus type tent, and get ready for their week long tent meeting.  The influx of the advance party, and then the arrival of the attendees will put us near 100% capacity for the next few weeks.  Why 'weeks'?  Because they are followed immediately by another church group who will use the same facilities for a another week long tent meeting.  From beginning to end it all lasts about 3 weeks.

My rounds went issues, so I went down to the maintenance yard to pick up my red paint and brush to work some more on painting the many tent site posts which have been neglected for a decade, or more.  I did that for a while and then about 11 am I set out to make sure all those on my 'Departure' list were either departing, or departed.  I ended up with two who had not departed at 11:10 am, and one of them was out fishing.....the other was waiting to move into the spot occupied by the fishermen.  The fisherman finally returned about 11:30 to move to their new site, but they had an issue with their automatic awning refusing to be automatic.  They finally, after an hour, had to manually retract it, but finally about 12:30 they moved, and then the other folks were able to move.

As you know I recently put up 5 'No Stopping Anytime', 'No Parking Anytime' signs along the exit road to keep folks from stopping/parking to attach their 'toads' (private passenger vehicles which are towed behind a motorhome), or fiddle with their trailers, etc. which causes traffic to back up and also creates an unsafe situation with cars attempting to pass by entering the opposing traffic lane.  I don't catch as many people stopping there as I used to, but there are a few souls undaunted by the numerous signs forbidding what they want to do who stop anyway.  When I drive up and ask them if they noticed the signs they always say "yes, but"....the "but" part is always amusing to me.  Yesterday the gentleman's excuse was his wife had a 'medical emergency' as they were rounding the corner, and he had to stop. I looked around for the ambulance, the flashing lights and listened for the sirens, but saw and heard nothing.  I noted it was the wife who exited the truck and walked back to the trailer rather casually......nothing emergency looking about her whatsoever.....go in the trailer and emerge a few minutes later.  She apparently forgot some medication inside the trailer....that was her "medical emergency".  You've got to love it, right?

We only had 50+ arrivals scheduled for Wednesday, which is not normally a big deal, except they all apparently decided to arrive between 1:30 and 3 pm.....that was a crazy 90 minutes!  Several times I had RV's backed up to the trolley station, but managed to keep them moving to their sites using our speedy check-in system.  

Since Wednesday was the end of the current two week pay period and I hit my 80 hours by 3 pm I punched the clock and headed for the barn.....TLE followed a hour later to find me napping.  She prepared Margaritas for our cocktail hour on the veranda and we sat talking until close to 6 pm before we ate dinner.

We were in bed by 9:30 pm.....the last time we do that for a while!  Thanks for stopping by!

Oh!  By the way, we just found out my brother, Philip's son Ryan and his wife had their second child last night.....welcome to the world Leonardo Ryan!

Our extended family continues to grow.....hello Leonardo!

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