Tuesday, July 12, 2016

When permanent is not permanent.....

A few weeks ago when visiting Sidellis Lake Tahoe Brewery we noticed a little restaurant next door that looked interesting.....Local's Brunch Cafe.....they serve breakfast and lunch all day from 8 am to 5 pm.....you can have lunch at 8 am if you wish, or breakfast at 4 pm!  They get 4 solid stars on 101 reviews.....the 101st is mine.  We decided to ride our Cannondale road bikes over to Local's for breakfast Monday morning leaving just before 10 am and arriving just before 10:30 after a 4 mile ride.

Just after being seated our server brought us a chips and salsa (both heated), and just after we ordered we were served a bowl of vegetable soup.....this is standard fair for every diner from 8 am to 5 pm!  They offer their version of Huevos Rancheros, so, as you might imagine, that is what I ordered......TLE ordered their biscuits and gravy.  Service was lightning fast, and we loved every morsel.....every bite.   Total cost for breakfast...$22.....very reasonable for the Tahoe Basin.

  It is very cozy.....just 8 tables

Just finishing our vegetable soup

After paying our tab we rode our bicycles a block down the street to visit one of my favorite thrift shops (not TLE's).....they have a very nice used tool section where I have often found things I could not live without, but on this day nothing tickled my fancy so my fancy and I got back on my bike and headed for home with TLE in tow.  We decided to take a ride through 'Campground by the Lake', which is owned by the city of South Lake Tahoe.  They have about 112 sites, most of which are dry camping sites.  They offer some water and electric sites, but no sewer connections at the sites.....there is a dump station, however.  Over all the campground looked well kept.....the main attraction of this campground is that just across the street (Lake Tahoe Blvd.) is Lake Tahoe, which can be seen from many of the campsites....

....they have camphosts who volunteer 14 hours each per week for a free site.....for me it is tempting, but TLE has no interest.  It would be nice to just walk across the street to the lake each day and the sunsets are said to be fabulous.

We were back home by noon time.....just after arriving home I received an email from Amazon regarding approved RV parks near Haslet, TX where we will be spending 7-8 weeks during their 'Peak Season'.  We have been expecting this list since April.  At any rate I immediately sat down to begin calling the closest ones to the fulfillment center to make reservations.  Of course, every other Camperforce person was calling, too.  I did manage to make contact with Alfred at Ranch of Rhome and it looks like we will be staying there....they are about 11 miles from Amazon, so that will work for us.  I notified our friends Mike and Lizzie who are joining us to work at Amazon, and they also contacted Ranch of Rhome.

Once that was done I plowed into the most important project of the day.....try and effect a permanent fix on the fan assembly for the dryer portion of our Splendide washer/dryer combo.  You will recall I had worked on this issue (fan rubs against the housing making annoying sound) and thought I had fixed it, and the fix did hold up for over 4 months, but the rubbing sound came back again a couple of weeks ago.

I was determined not to remove the machine from its cubbyhole and found that I could just remove the top to easily access the fan assembly.  As is my custom what I thought would be a 1 hour job morphed slowly into a 3 hour job, but this time I am quite confident I have effected a permanent fix.  I found that the actual fan motor was wobbling a tad and after disassembling it I found that the two bolts/nylock nuts were a little lose.  I torqued them down with my Porter-Cable torque driver, and then put it all back together.  I had just reinstalled the top of the washer/dryer when TLE walked over and asked "What are these 6 screws for?".......doh!  I turned around and saw the aforementioned 6 screws sitting on the counter sort of mocking me.....I immediately realized that when I took the fan shroud apart to tighten the fan motor bolts that I had not screwed it back together.  I had temporary visions of having to take EVERYTHING apart once again to install those 6 mocking screws, but once I had the top off AGAIN I could see that the screws could be installed with NO disassembly......YAY FOR MY TEAM!!  It took me just 5 minutes to rectify my error, and the job was done! All that was left to be done was putting all the food stores back in the pantry above the Splendid, which was TLE's project.

I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and mentally girding myself up once again for a 5 day work week here at TVC.

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