Wednesday, July 1, 2015

TVC - Day 52 - USA!

Tuesday was a quiet day at TVC....after the thunder showers of the night before the air held a sweet fragrance, and the pollen was least for a day.  On the other hand, the hot, sultry air returned.....the swamp cooler in the store was running by 11 am.....the problem is swamp coolers are very effective when there is low humidity, but when it is humid they just increase the humidity......I'm glad I work outside 95% of the time.

Once again it was a quiet day.....a day we will look back to fondly when were are in the middle of the 4th of July weekend.....Wednesday we should begin to see the early birds, and by Thursday when we are expecting 130 arrivals, and everything will shift into overdrive for 5, or 6 days.  My day was varied.....I helped a couple of folks shoehorn their rigs into small spaces and left them happy....I fixed a couple of leaky faucets and replaced a couple of site tag clips.  Otherwise, I spent time making sure those on the departure list departed on a timely basis.

All throughout Tuesday I had this knot in my stomach thinking about the USA vs. Germany soccer match scheduled for 4 pm in the Women's World Cup.  Germany has been our nemesis over the years, and they were ranked number 1 in the world.....the USA being number 2 in the world.  Even though I thought our team was better based on all the matches I had watched I had my secret doubts.

By 4 pm I was ensconced in my recliner, the AC humming along in the background, ready for the start of the USA vs. Germany match.  For the first 10 minutes Germany was attacking ferociously, but eventually things settled down and the USA dominated barely missing several goal scoring opportunities.  The score was 0-0 at half time.  About 13 minutes into the second half Germany was awarded a penalty kick (legitimately), but missed. Two minutes later the USA was awarded a penalty kick and converted it to lead 1-0.  They scored a second time in the 84th minute and held on to win on to the final!

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