Wednesday, July 15, 2015

TVC - Day 66 - Clockwork

0716 - I'm going to try something new for today anyway....I'm going to post periodically throughout the day so you can get a flavor of what a typical TVC day is like.  As soon as I finish this entry I'm off to get dressed and into the office by 7:45 am.  Times will be posted in military fashion.....0716 is 7:16 am, and so forth.

0743 - Clocked in for another interesting day at TVC.....the manager is offsite today, and it's just TLE, moi and Sandy in the office.....but, with a little help from our friends we will keep it all together.

0820 - Drove Phil down to the maintenance yard to pick up his golf cart so he can clean the sites of the soon to be departed, then returned to the office to get ready for my first circumnavigation of the campground of the day.

1115 - I had just returned to the office to see if TLE was going to take her lunch break when I noticed a male customer was sitting down in front of the counter with two women hovering over him.   I suggested to Merlin we might be having a medical emergency.  I asked of they needed an ambulence and they immediately replied in the affirmative.  By that time Merlin had already dialed 911 and within 3 minutes we could hear the sirens.  As it turned out the young man was having a reaction to some antibiotics he was taking. 

1215 - I got a call on the radio that a tent camper in site 421 was running a generator, which is not allowed in our campground so I responded within a few minutes advising the disappointed camper he could not use it.  "How are we supposed watch TV?" he asked....I retorted "Pay for a site with electrical".   He came back "Show me where it days that in the rules! "....I asked him if he still had the handy map of the campground he was given at the office.....he actually had it in his pocket......I opened it up and showed him the "rule"....'s kind of funny that even when provided with irrefutable evidence some folks will still dispute it.

1430 - I was just finishing my last round of site checks and thought I would be clocking out close to my desired time, but as I returned to the office to finish my paperwork I found the office completely packed with the time the log jam was dispersed it was closing in on 4 pm....sigh.

1544 - Clocked out and headed for the barn.....

1630 - Time to relax, and relax we did.....we headed next door to Deb and John's for happy hour with a number of other staff folks.  Within an hour all was back to normal.....the issues of the day receded into the background as we sat talking and laughing with good friends.

One more day, and we are off to SoCal.....thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hello, I'm new to the blog and enjoying it. Thanks for giving a run down of your day at the campground. I plan on full timing and work camping next summer so this is so useful! Enjoy your time in SoCal:)


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