Wednesday, July 22, 2015

TVC - Day 73 - Slip sliding away

One day continues to blend into another, and now I see that we are at 'Day 73' in our TVC summer and time are slip sliding away 10 days it will be August!  The rain cycle has least for a few days.....every time I think I can put away my rain parka for good this summer the rain returns.  There was a 70% chance of rain by 1300 hours, but it did not materialize until close to 1500 hours.

Right now we have a pretty consistent base of 260+ sites occupied here at TVC, and that swells to close to 400 sites on the weekends, so there is plenty to keep us all busy, and Tuesday was no exception.

After completing my morning rounds I made a few repairs on the fence that runs almost the entire length of Melba Drive.......people like to take seems to be part of our DNA makeup.....and gradually, over time, those shortcuts become major breaches in the fence line.  In the afternoon I helped a few folks get their trailers into their sites over in Section F, and then the rain only lasted a few hours and then it began to dry out once again.

As I type the sun is out, and the sky is partly cloudy, but once again there is an 80% chance of rain by 1200 hours.....better hang on to my rain parka a few more days......

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