Thursday, July 2, 2015

TVC - Day 53 - And it begins......

Wednesday began the ramp up for the holiday weekend.....we had over 50 arrivals scheduled with 150 scheduled for Thursday and another 111 for all the 'drop ins' who will arrive with no reservation and will willing pay $56/night for a small piece of ground in our overflow area where no campfires are allowed, no cooking is allowed, and it is a long, long walk to the restrooms/showers.  For the next 5 days our lives will not be our own.....there will be long hours, problems to solve, a few unruly folk and wall to wall people.

We had heard rumors that we were getting new staff t-shirts, and Tuesday they arrived.....I wore my new navy blue t-shirt also has graphics on the back, but I'm not very good at taking a 'selfie' of my back.....

As the day wore on the RV's began to line up and to speed things up we began sending folks directly to their sites to set up first and return to the office later when things quieted down....that will probably be our tactic Thursday and Friday.....we shall see how that works.

We shared a last meal with our good friends Richard and Rhonda.....they will continue their travel adventures Thursday heading to the Pacific Northwest.....they will be missed.

From the World Cup front Japan won 2-1 over England on an 'own goal' scored by an English player, accidentally, with only seconds to go in 'extra time', so the USA will have a rematch with Japan in the final this Sunday.

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