Saturday, July 18, 2015

TVC - Day 70 - Wedding Day

0530 -  I was up at 5:30 am enjoying the early morning solitude, and writing my blog.  

0720 - We headed downstairs to the hot buffet provided by Embassy Suites.....they have two chefs that will prepare eggs dishes to order, as well as plenty of bacon, sausages, french toast, fresh fruit, coffee, etc.

0820 - Retired back to our room......

1000 - Began to rain to the accomanyment of thunder.....can't get away from the rain,  even in Southern California. 

1230 - Getting ready for the wedding....Tim and Laila will be here in a few minutes and then we will head over to the church at 1 pm.

1435 - Tying the knot....

1926 - Reception time! 

 The kids

Danielle and Miguel

We had a wonderful time at the reception.....both of my brothers and one of my sisters, Hilary, were there, and we took this cool group picture of all the 'Hockwalds'....

Thanks for stopping by!

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