Tuesday, July 28, 2015

TVC - Day 79 - STOP!

Over the past weeks I have begun to notice that most people.....by most I mean maybe 80+%..... do not come to  a stop at any of the 4 stop signs in Tahoe Valley Campground.....not even a "rolling stop".....by "rolling stop" I mean slowing down as you approach the stop sign, but never coming to a stop as you roll through the stop sign.  At this time of year the park is approaching 75-80% full on a daily basis and close to 100% on the weekends, which means a lot of foot and bicycle traffic mixed in with the regular vehicle traffic.  I decided to stand by one of the stop signs to see if maybe my presence might draw attention to the sign itself and result in a higher compliance rate.  

With me just standing there those who actually stopped rose to about 30%....next I actually put my arm on the stop sign as I stood there and it rose another 5%....maybe.  I finally kept my left arm on the stop sign, and began pointing to it with my right hand as vehicles approached.....compliance increased to almost 100%.  Of course, I can't stand at all four stop signs all day long doing that, but maybe if I spend some time each day doing that things will get better for a while.  Interestingly we have a large church group here this week (Tahoe Family Encampment) and I fully expected more of the same from them as they exited the group area after each service as there are 100+ vehicles that come and go before and after each service, however, I noticed quite the opposite.....with me just sitting across the street  in m golf cart watching, close to 100% of them came to a complete, or nearly complete stop at the stop sign controlling traffic egress from the sections E, F and the group area.  It may be their leadership impressed upon them all to watch their speed and to stop at the stop signs, I have no idea.....I just thought it was interesting.

We had close to 100 departures and about 60 arrivals on Monday, but over 300 sites continuously occupied.  With one lone exception all of our departures were out of the campground by 1200 hours, and by 1530 hours all but 8 of our scheduled arrivals had arrived.....a very  smooth day......once again we had no unhappy customers.  The weather will warm up to the low to mid 80's over the next 10 days, and there are a couple of days where there is a 10-20% chance of rain....more than likely we will see no precipitation.

Once again I was off by 1530 hours and TLE followed at 1600 hours.....I finished the 18th Dave Robicheaux book (James Lee Burke), Glass Rainbow....frankly it was hard to put it down.....only two more to go.

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  1. Clarke,

    Glad you are enjoying the James Lee Burke books. I have a couple I have not finished reading myself. I'm looking for another series recommendation. In the meantime, I suggest "Empire of the Summer Moon," about the Comanche Indians in Texas. Real history that sometimes reads like a novel. It was published about 5 years ago and is excellent.

    I can also recommend the Easy Rawlins series of noir stories by Walter Mosley. Set in Los Angeles in the 1940s - 1960s, it is another series in which the characters age and change over the years.

    Glad to know your finger is getting better, even though I cannot look at the pictures. I have developed a phobia about looking at too graphic pictures of injuries and get anxieties when I see any sharp or jagged edge of metal or glass. (Like at the Mexican food place in Riverside.) Good food, high anxiety level for me.



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