Tuesday, July 14, 2015

TVC - Day 65 - Cruise Control....

I began Monday riding my bike for the third time in 4 days.....good to be back in the saddle, but at 6 am?  Well, I know in my heart that if I do not get on the bike first thing I will not do it later in the day....events just seem to conspire to keep me off the bike.   I rode 10 miles pushing 'tall' gears......took me just under 40 minutes.  All the stitches are now out of my left middle finger and it feels better by the day, but I've a long way to go.  I'm no longer wearing the aluminum finger guard, but I do put on gloves whenever I have to use my hands to lift, or handle tools.

We have now been 5 days without rain....sweet....and the temps are beginning to get back to SLT standards for this time of year......low to mid 70's.  I clocked in about 15 minutes to 8....my usual time.  By the time I swept off the front sidewalk I was out of my jacket and looking forward to a sunny, balmy SLT day.

Over the course of the day I helped one guy back his trailer out of site 163, and helped another back into site 275.....the only time I get involved is when it is obvious they are not going to succeed in a reasonable period of time meaning they will be blocking the road and backing up traffic.  These guys are usually relative 'newbies' to backing a trailer, or motorhome, and they sure picked a great park for their maiden experience.....I tell them it only gets easier.  There were three, or four calls where there was a possible electrical problem, but in each case it was just inexperience on the part of the customer.  One gentleman parked his new Airstream in a 30 amp site, but was unaware of how many appliances he could run off 30 amps.  He came into the office complaining his breaker had tripped and he could not reset it.  I drove over to his site in the golf cart to find that he had not turned of the two air conditioners, and microwave before resetting the breaker causing it to continue tripping over and over again.  I gave him a brief tutorial on what the approximate draws were for his various appliances, and advised him not to run more than one A/C at a time in the future.  Another was convinced there was something wrong with the electrical pedestal, but it turned out he had never turned on the power......:-/

The new arrivals came in bunches, but we kept them moving to their sites, and before I knew it 5 pm had arrived....wait, what?  I was planning on being off at 2:30....see what I mean? If I don't get a ride in first thing in the morning I will not get it in at all.....two more days and we'll be motoring southward to SoCal for the wedding of my brother's daughter, Danielle, and seeing our kids.

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