Thursday, July 16, 2015

TVC - Day 67 - Higher Ground

Ahhhhh.....Wednesday....the end of the work week, and also the day we had an appointment to take our VW Beetle into Higher Ground Autoworx over on Eloise to have the Mobil 1 oil changed, and a general inspection made of the vehicle before our 1100 mile round trip run down to SoCal for the wedding of my youngest brother's (Phil) daughter Danielle to Miguel.

Miguel and Danielle...nuptials this Saturday!

I clocked out from work about 9 am to drive the car over and drop it off, and then walked back to all I was gone 30 minutes before clocking back in......I was able to make one complete round of the park before leaving for my 9 am appointment.

 There is really not much else to report about Wednesday except that the temperature got back to 80 degrees for the first time in a couple of weeks.  There were no issues of any note in the park so I was off work by 3 pm, and TLE followed an hour later.  I called John at Higher Ground about 4 to find out when we could pick up our car and was advised to arrive about 5:30, so we began our walk over about 5 arriving just at 5:25 to find the car outside waiting for pickup.  In addition to changing the oil I had John do a thorough inspection of the drivetrain......I'm glad I did because it turned out that both steering arms are beginning to fail, so we'll get those replaced after we return in early August when we had planned to take the car in for the replacement of the existing K3 turbo with a newer K4 turbo.  We'll see a small increase in horsepower with the new turbo, but the K3 is beginning to fail, and we have seen a drop in performance, so we should see a noticeable increase in performance after the installation of the new turbo.  I hadn't really kept close track of our mileage since last August when John last worked on the car, but he reported that we had logged some 10,000 miles on the car since he last saw had no idea we had driven it so much!

From Higher Ground we headed directly to Classic Cue for Taco Wednesday.....a great way to end the work week and kick off our 4 day 'vacation'......

We were home by 7 and finished packing for our trip by 8 when we settled down to watch 'Masterchef', and then I finished watching Stage 11 of the Tour de France before heading off to dreamland about 10:30.

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