Monday, July 13, 2015

TVC - Day 64 - Interesting

I'm a little behind in writing about Sunday....will get to it a little later today......

Well, here it is 8 pm and I have yet to write about Sunday......let's see.....Sunday was kind of an interesting day to say the least....

I was only about 20 minutes into my day when I got a call on my Motorola two way radio to come to the office......when I arrived I was advised a dog from site 129 had attacked another dog being walked by its owners.  The main issue with dogs at TVC is that they must be on a leash at all times when outside, so my first question was whether or not the attacking dog had been on a leash, or running one knew as the owners of the injured dog had left immediately for the ER Vet in Carson City.  For a situation like this I usually call on Merlin, our night security guy, to accompany me.  He is a very good interviewer, and usually gets to the bottom of things pretty quickly.

We headed over to site 129 to see if the owners of the attacking dog were there, and they were.  It was obvious from the moment we arrived in the golf cart that they were shaken up by what had happened.  At the time the attack occurred their chocolate lab was attached to a cable via a harness.  As it turned out, when the lab lunged the ring attaching the cable to the harness snapped......totally unexpected.  They had already taken full responsibility for the injuries to the other dog, and had called the ER Vet to give them their name, and credit card information to pay the expenses.   They were already preparing to take the dog home (8 hour round trip drive to Modesto) and return for the balance of their vacation.  They reported that the owners of the injured dog were quite upset and had threatened to shoot their dog upon their return......whoa.....hold all the horses.....what?  I'm less than an hour into my day and someone is talking about shooting firearms?  After speaking with the owners of the injured dog I'm pretty confident that there would not be much short of public execution of the offending dog that would satisfy them.

Next up for interesting Sunday was a nice guy and his wife driving a 46' tag axle class A coach for the first time and they were totally buffaloed trying to negotiate the narrow tree lined roads of section E.  He wondered if I would be willing to lead him to his site (369) and help him avoid the trees.  It took me about 20 minutes of coaxing him along the outer loop road to get to site 369.....when we got there I knew immediately he was not going to get his monster rig backed into that site, so I took him further around the loop (again took about 15 minutes to cover a few hundred yards due to his temerity) and put him in 385.  His wife was so grateful I thought she was going to kiss me.....there were no small animals, large trees, or children harmed during this operation.

In between all the 'fun' I completed my rounds, helped keep the main entrance from being gridlocked, helpe a few folk get their rigs into their sites, delivered portable fire places, and had all my departures out the door by 12:30.

My intent at the beginning of Sunday was to be off work by 2:30, but 2:30 came and went and I was not able to 'clock out'  until after 4 just seemed that there was always one more thing that had to be done.  I had no sooner arrived home than Harry came over to ask me to help him troubleshoot an electrical issue in a fellow worker's coach (Ray and Carol).  After about 30 minutes it became obvious that his combination charger/converter/inverter was no longer charging the batteries.  Unfortunately, you cannot just replace the charger part, you must replace the whole unit, which with labor is close to $1,000.  I went through this in January when my charger failed, but thankfully my inverter is a separate unit (the really expensive part) and it only cost me my labor and about $250 to replace the charger/converter.  We put a portable charger on his batteries, and restored power to the coach.....Carol was so happy she produced a bottle of red wine and an impromptu happy hour commenced immediately.

TLE prepared Chicken Alfredo for dinner and we watched 'Last Ship' and 'Falling Skies' before heading off to slumberland about 10......

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