Thursday, July 30, 2015

TVC - Day 81 - Warmish

Wednesday is the hottest day we have had at TVC in about a month coming in at 87 degrees.....I will take that any day over the Central Valley, or the Inland Empire (San Bernardino/Riverside Counties) this time of year......a little heat mixed in with very low humidity makes for a very pleasant day.  We never turned our A/C on....we just opened all the windows and it stayed comfortable inside all day until about 7 pm when I turned on our 'attic fan' to vent some of the warm air out and draw some cool early evening air inside.  That's how we handle a warmer than normal day here at TVC at 6,300' elevation.  The interesting thing is people come here from very hot areas like the Central Valley (Bakersfield, Modesto, Stockton, Sacramento, etc) complaining about how hot it is there and then set up their RV, go inside, close the windows and turn on their A/C when it gets to 80 would seem to me that when you come to an amazing outdoor place like Lake Tahoe that you would be outside sitting in the shade enjoying the outdoors as opposed to huddling inside your RV listening to your A/C fan whirrrr away....but that's just me.

I said all that to say this....right now in section 'G' we have about 5 sites that keep losing's obvious that the underground cable that supplies power to their sites is going bad, and we will have to dig up that section this winter when the park is empty to replace it.  As long as no one in those 5 sites is running their A/C, or at least very few of them, there is not problem, but when all of them are running their A/C's they have a problem.  They leave their site during the day, but leave the A/C running.....really?  It takes less than 5 minutes to cool down an RV that has been closed up all day....and again, why is the RV closed up all day? Open the windows!  Okay.....that's my weekly back to regularly scheduled programming........

When we were down in SoCal for my niece's wedding we stayed one night at my daughter's home in Riverside......I discovered after we left the next morning that I had left my Teva sandals in our bedroom.  I called my daughter immediately and asked her to bring the Teva's to the wedding the next day......well, she forgot.....frankly, I probably would have forgotten, too......after all I forgot to put them in my suitcase.  At any rate, she graciously put them in a USPS flat rate box and mailed them to me on Monday.....they arrived at the TVC office Wednesday afternoon, and now I am complete once!

My intent, which is usually the case on a Wednesday, was to be off work by 1430 hours, but circumstances intervened and I ended up getting off work at 1710 hours.....instead of heading home we just walked out the long entrance to the park, crossed HWY 50 and had dinner at Lake Tahoe always we ordered the 'Jackpot' pizza with anchovies which we chased with a pitcher of 'Icky' IPA....what a great way to unwind from a busy 5 days of work.....both TLE and I logged over 40 hours this week, which is about 8 more than we planned.

We find ourselves with just 4 weeks remaining in our sojourn in South Lake Tahoe, but we are beginning to get the 'itch' to be moving just exactly one month we will celebrate our 44th wedding!

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