Tuesday, July 7, 2015

TVC - Day 58 - 'Normalish'

Monday 'was' the day I was to have the 7 sutures removed from my badly lacerated left hand middle finger.....the operative word is 'was'.  After completing my morning  rounds I headed for Barton Urgent care about 11 am.  After inspecting and removing 5 of the sutures the doctor decided to leave the last 2 in place as that area was not stable enough to remove them, so I will have to return on Thursday to have my digit reinspected.  I had to agree with her as I wasn't sure they were ready to come out either.

After getting a quick lunch at home I was back on the job by 1 pm 'guarding' the entry to the park and sending new arrivals directly to their sites.....I think that regardless of how many arrivals we have on a given day that our policy now is to send folks to their sites first, and then have them come in later to register.....it just seems to create a much better work flow for the office, and keeps the main entrance from becoming a parking lot.

After the departure of another 80 sites on Monday the park is back to what I would call 'normal'.  I clocked out at 5 pm, and headed for home with TLE just a few minutes behind.  We decided a visit to 'Classic Cue' for a pitcher of 'Downtown Brown' and fish tacos was in order.  While we sat there unwinding the skies opened up and it poured cats and dogs for about 30 minutes replete with all the requisite thunder and lightning......

Only two days left on our marathon 12 days in a row before we have two days off, and a week from this Thursday we drive down to SoCal for the wedding of my brother's daughter, Danielle, and a 4 day mini vacation.

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