Saturday, July 4, 2015

TVC - Day 55 - The 3rd

I'm quickly losing track of the days of the week, but I'm pretty sure I'm writing about Friday this morning even though today does not feel like Real Saturday.....yeah, yesterday was Friday, July 3rd, right?

We were expecting 118 arrivals Friday, and the inward flow of RV's of all manner and description flowed steadily into I made my early morning rounds I found a number of sites where our customers have really gotten into the spirit of our National Holiday!

The atmosphere was almost carnival like with a few thousand folks wandering hither and yon from dawn to dusk.....I must take a second here to report that there were no 3 am noise incidents Friday night/Saturday morning......I slept like a baby....well, a snoring baby according to TLE.

The sale of overflow sites was in full force by early afternoon, and our small staff was being stretched to its limit, but we did no break as everyone stepped up to the plate to get stuff done.  There were no gross speed violators, and pretty much zero unhappy customers.  Of course there are always those that arrive without reservations claiming 'someone' told them over the phone that there were plenty of sites, and to please come on in.......they feign anger and disappointment thinking we will wilt and magically find a hookup site for them.....not happening.....we have been 100% booked for this weekend since March......there is the odd cancellation that disappears within 60 seconds to an online booking.

TLE and I were off work by 4:30 and sitting outside on the 'veranda' enjoying a Margarita by 5......thanks for stopping by!

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