Wednesday, July 8, 2015

TVC - Day 59 - Monsoonal

We're back in one of those stretches where it is cold and rainy almost every day....each day begins with some sun and scattered clouds, but by early afternoon it gets cold and eventually the rain arrives....sometimes it's a 'toad strangler' like Monday, and sometimes it's a gentle rain like Tuesday.  It makes me so glad I live in an RV and not in a tent.  Last year after May we had rain once, or twice but this summer has been much wetter than 2014, which I guess is a good thing for SLT since we are in the middle of a horrific drought, but all things being equal I would prefer it be a little dryer.

Tuesday was also 11th straight day reporting for work, but it was also our shortest work day of the stretch (6 hours) as we were both off by 2:15.  The day itself was very quiet, and all but three of our departing customers were out of their sites by 11 am.  The work to remove all the trash left by our 4th of  July customers continues unabated, and we should have the remaining sites cleaned by Wednesday, or Thursday.

I'm looking at today's blog title (TVC - Day 59) and can hardly believe it has been almost 60 days since we arrived, and we still have almost as long to go before we head northwest to Oregon.

Well, that's it....I have no great insights to share about mind is kind of on overload from 11 straight days....

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