Sunday, July 12, 2015

TVC - Day 63 - Going postal

Just like the U.S. Mail, the RV's just keep coming......hour after hour, day after day....we are in full on summer vacation mode here at TVC.....

Just like the mail they keep on coming!

.....a site is vacated and within an hour another RV arrives to takes its place.....they arrive by the hundreds each day ready to squeeze every millisecond out of every day going, doing, seeing, experiencing all that is Lake Tahoe.  They may be here for a few days, or weeks, but at the end they all have that glazed look in their eyes that comes from squeezing way to much activity, and too little sleep into too small a window of time.  But, that is all they have known their entire workaday life.....that is how their parents did it, and their grand parents did it.  They don't yet know there is a better way, although they suspect deep in their hearts there is.

Real Saturday broke clear, but the cold brought in by the recent front lingered well into the day necessitating that I wear my jacket most of the day......that's okay by me as long as there is no more least for the near future.

All of those on my departure last had departed by Noon so it was a matter of keeping watch over the entrance to the park to be sure the RV line did not get too long.....periodically I would get called away to deal with a vehicle being parked in the wrong site and blocking the ingress of an arriving customer, or a circuit breaker tripping, or a customer complaining about the volume of a nearby radio.  For the most part, though, I spent the balance of my day sitting in my cart near the entrance sending folks to their sites, and answering questions about Lake Tahoe. 

I was off work by 3:30, and TLE followed shorty thereafter at 4 pm.....we sat outside for the first time in days enjoying the somewhat balmy late afternoon air and listening to XM Radio (Sixties on 6) and watching Stage 8 of the Le Tour de France (muted, of course) continues to be good.

We spent the evening reading.....I finished the 18th book in the Dave Robicheaux series by James Lee Burke....two to go.  This is the first series of books I have ever read that covers a person's life (fictional) over a 5 decade span.  For me reading these novels has been quite enjoyable.

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  1. Oooo. I might need to add that to my reading list! Thanks! I have really enjoyed Ken Follett's Century Trilogy for the same reason!


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