Friday, July 10, 2015

TVC - Day 61 - The only difference....

Thursday it rained at TVC on and of most of the day and into the evening.....the only difference was that we were somewhere was raining there also, but we were somewhere else!  Don't get me wrong.....I love TVC, but after 12 straight days of work, and only leaving the campground one time to go out for dinner I was ready for some different scenery, and so was TLE.

The last day we left the Tahoe Basin was May 28th......exactly 5 weeks ago.....that was when I got my last haircut, and I was definitely getting shaggy, so a trip to Carson City was definitely in order.  We exited TVC in the Beetle a little after 10 am to drive over Spooner Summit and down to Carson City to spend the day shopping, getting a haircut, and consuming large quantities of El Charro Avitia's Mexican fare.

Our first stop was Supercuts to get my ears lowered (whilst I was getting a trim, TLE ran over to Big Lots to buy a few kitchen items).  There were no other customers just shy of 11 am, so I was in and out in less than 15 minutes.  Then it was off to one of our favorite Goodwill stores for some 'junking'.......TLE found a skirt ($4.99), and I another t-shirt ($3.99), but that was the extent of our purchases.  As we headed back to the aforementioned El Charro Avitia's for lunch the Carson Valley skies opened up with another deluge which followed all the way to our destination.  Yelp only gives them 3 stars, but for us their menu hits all our buttons......they serve one of my favorite 'Huevos Rancheros' anywhere, and I savored every single bite while sipping slowly from my 22 ounce draft Dos Equis brew.  We exited the comfortable confines of  El Charro's an hour later to find it still gently raining.

Our next most necessary stop was Trader Joe's where we resupplied our wine stocks, and a few other staples that we prefer to buy at TJ's, then it was on to Costco to resupply our coffee bean, cheese, and Jose Cuervo pre-mixed Margaritas inventory.

As we crossed back over Spooner Summit into the Tahoe Basin we caught a glimpse of Lake Tahoe and knew we were back home once again.... matter how many times I see this view I never forget the first time back in 1954.....the wonderful memories of spending two weeks on the shores of Lake Tahoe every summer come flooding back and remind me why we are spending the entire summer here for the second year in a row.

I dropped TLE off at the coach with our purchases, and headed back out to visit our VW mechanic, John, at 'Higher Ground Autoworx' over on Eloise to make an appointment to get my oil changed and have the car inspected prior to our 1,000 mile round trip drive down to SoCal next Thursday.  As I walked in John remembered me from last summer....even remembered my name (first and last).....pretty impressive.  I made an appointment for next Wednesday to bring the car in, and then a second one for early August to have the turbo has been in the beginning stages of failure since last year, and we want to get it replaced before it fails.  Right now it is fine as long as we don't push it too hard.  He also gave me a referral to a local Smog Check station to get my current smog certification which I'll take care of Friday (today).  I wrote about our first experience with John here.

The last task of the day was to fill up the Beetle's gas tank with premium unleaded, which I did at Raley's using one of our 50 cents off coupons to get the fuel for $2.79/gallon....the last time we filled up was 5 weeks ago....yup, not doing much driving this summer!

Just after I returned home the rain returned once again, and the electric heaters game on once drizzled and rained the rest of the afternoon and into the evening.

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  1. At least you did not get the hail like they did just a few miles west of you...that stuff looked nasty on the news.


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