Monday, July 20, 2015

TVC - Day 71 - Get back!!

Our plan was to meet my brother Philip and his wife Jeannie for breakfast Sunday morning at 7 am before we began our drive back to South Lake Tahoe and TVC.  Originally we had planned to be gone at 6 am in order to get back early in the afternoon, but we just had to see my brother and his wife one more time.  We met at Rod's Grill at 7 am, and all of us were still a bit groggy after the prior day's festivities, but after a cup of coffee and a few laughs we were feeling much better.  Rod's is kind of a throwback  as far as diners go......their 1960's decor is unchanged and still looks fresh, and the food is typical diner fare.

True to our intent we were in the car and on our way northward by 8 am after saying our 'until next times' to Phil and Jeannie......we will see them again in October when we fly down from Washington for our middle daugther's (Kate) wedding.  We stopped briefly at the 7-11 located on Haven just off I-210 to fuel up taking on just over 10 gallons at $4.39 per gallon......ouch!  By 9:30 we were at Kramer Junction where TLE took over the helm for the next 100+ miles.

By 10:15 we were nearing Lone Pine where I took over once again.....we did stop in Bishop briefly about 11:30 to top off our tank for $4.00/gallon at the Paiute Casino gas station, then it was up Sherwin Grade and all the way to the Rest Area located between Mammoth Lakes and the June Lake Loop where I traded places with TLE once again.....

......before we continued on we took a few minutes to have some snacks and snap this selfie.....happy to be back at altitude and low humidity!

I was craving a 'Walker Burger' so we took a late lunch in the lovely town of Walker at the famous Walker Burger where we quickly placed our orders, and then were told it would be at least 25 minutes......there was a big crowd there!  It actually took closer to 45 minutes, but it was worth the wait.  The entire time we were there the weather was threatening, but we avoided the least until we were on our way for the last 55 miles to SLT.  

We left Walker at 4 pm and were back home by 5:30 and unpacked and relaxing by was a great, uneventful 4 day trip.  We had a wonderful time with family and friends, but we are sooo tired this morning!  Time to recuperate from all the fun of the past 4 days.....

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