Thursday, July 9, 2015

TVC - Day 60 - More rain? Why not?

I usually look forward to Wednesdays here at is, after all, our Friday......and after 11 straight work days I was really looking forward to this specific Wednesday.  Wednesdays tend to be easy days....activity here at TVC is at a minimum....and then there are the two days off that follow which make it even sweeter.

The forecast was for more afternoon thunder showers, and the morning air was cooler than normal with a projected high in the low 60's so I wore a jacket to work, which I never took off.......well, yes I did take it off, but only to put on my rain parka as the rain approached.  Morning rounds went quickly, and just as forecast the thunder showers arrived in force just before noon time just as I was transitioning to my rain gear.  I was able to complete my second round of site checks in spite of the rain, and by 1:30 all but two departures had departed.

It continued to rain the rest of the afternoon, and when some of the thunder seemed a little too close I headed indoors for the balance of my shift......TLE was scheduled to work the desk until 5, but I was done for the day at 3 pm and headed home to change out of my slightly damp clothing into dry clothing, turn on the replay of the 5th stage of the Tour d' France, turn on the heater and catch a couple of cat naps in the process.....pretty much the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon!

TLE was home just after 5 pm having logged 101.5 hours over the past 12 days.....I totalled 84 will be a nice payday next Wednesday.  Just in case you are interested we get paid every other Wednesday here at TVC....TLE and I opted for direct deposit via ADP this summer....much more convenient!  Also, we have been told that there may be an increase in pay for returning employees next summer above the current $9/hour minimum wage we currently receive.  Even before we heard that news we had decided to return for one more summer, but just as this year, this will be the only job we work during the year.

We watched 'Masterchef', and were in bed by 10.....we are off to Carson City Thursday for a day of haircuts, shopping, junking and just plain relaxing.....yay for us!

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